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Wild Kratts

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Join creature teachers Chris and Martin Kratt on PBS KIDS GO's new series "Wild Kratts". Children are pulled into the show as they tag along with Chris and Martin on their animal-powered adventures.

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  • One of the Only Good PBS Kids Shows

    PBS Kids Was Originally a Good Channel. The Kratts did good with their first show. PBS Kids is now a Bad Channel with Peg Plus Cat, Odd Squad, Word Girl and Other Bad Shows. Wild Kratts Save the Channel even if I still hate PBS Kids. If was a Better version of Go Diego Go. Like Gravity Falls, if stay Disney.
  • My Review On Wild Kratts

    I like this show, because it's a rip off of Go Diego Go!
  • Wild Kratts

    Hi. I am Mila and I am age 8. I think that Wild Kratts is very,very,very educational!
  • The Kratts Are At It Again And Have Done It Again!!!

    First of all, I want (and get) to be the first reviewer of this show on here. And I'd like to start off by saying that I've been a long-time fan of the Kratt brothers, having grown up on watching at least one of their previous shows, Kratts' Creatures. I never really got into watching Zoboomafoo nor Be The Creature, the latter of which I hadn't even already heard of nor knew it even existed until coming across that title on Wikipedia and due to the fact that it airs (or aired) on the National Geographic channel (the aforementioned others aired on PBS). I probably should still give both of those a try (that's if either of those are still airing). Anyway, back to their latest series. I came across it weeks ago while channel surfing. And to be honest, I haven't been able to see any episode in full exactly since I'm usually switching channels, trying to watch various shows and don't have that multi-view feature on my t.v. (nor any other t.v. in the house) from AT&T. But I still seen enough to know that it has captivated me and it has since become one of my favorite t.v. programs of not only the cartoon genre & PBS, but of any genre and of not only this year, but this decade, century, and millennium too. I plan to watch them completely eventually, whether on t.v. or Youtube.

    The Kratt brothers are back once again. In their fourth and most recent series to date, The Kratts continue to provide their knowledge about animals to the viewers. But this time, they're featured in both live-action and animated form. In the animated portion, they travel around the globe in a giant, flying, terrain-turtle shaped vehicle called Tortuga HQ with three friends named Aviva, Koki and Jimmy Z, as they go sight-seeing various animals in foreign places. As Chris and Martin Kratt carry on their observations of the different species, they also get to become certain animals for each of them as a disguise by donning on the creature suits that Aviva made for them with the advanced technology. They sometimes have run-ins with an assortment of villains, such as Zach Varmitech, and the Kratts, and their allies try to save the creatures and put a stop to the villains' fiendish, selfish plans of personal gain. I know the Kratts can be seen in live-action again near the end to close-out the show with a little more info about the featured animal of the week but I don't know if this same version of them appears in the beginning after the intro as well. There are still some episodes I got to catch up on and I just got to say it's yet another Kratts hit! Kratts' Creatures was/is another of my favorites and I really like this one just as much. One of the better/best that's currently running and it's just as great as, if not greater than, Kratts' Creatures. I'm so glad and it's great to see the Kratt siblings are still going strong after all these years. And this is a fine way to introduce the Kratt brothers to this new generation. Everything about this show, the plots, stories, characters, etc., make it top-notch. Now this is high-quality, edutainment right here and not-to-be-skipped material, and on my list. Highly recommended.moreless
  • The Kratt Brothers are back!

    Having grown up on Zoboomafoo, I was so excited that the Kratt Brothers had a new show even though I've grown out of the age group. As always, the Kratt Brothers have made an excellent show, it's adventurous, comedic, and educational and the best kids show I've seen in years! Chris and Martin may have gotten older but they haven't lost their touch, they are still as amazing as they were back then. It is a bit of a change from what they usually do but the feel seen from Zoboomafoo and Kratt' Creatures is still in there.

    The show begins and ends with a live-action segment which shows the animal or kind of animal the episode will focus on. It then switches over to animation with the Kratt Brothers studying a creature and getting into a wild and crazy adventure during it. In this series they have Creature Power Suits, a suit created by an inventor named Aviva which with special disks and animal DNA allows the brothers to become the animal. The guys also have to stop villans such as evil inventor Zach Varmitech and fashion designer Donita Donata from taking creature for their own selfish purposes. The show has a great deal of educational material while also adding plenty of comedy and adventure to keep viewers addicted.

    If you were a fan of the Kratt Brothers as kids and if your parents, I highly suggest watching this show. It teaches about animals and science concepts so it is very good for children. Hope you watch the show sometime!moreless

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