Wild Palms

ABC (ended 1993)




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Wild Palms

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L.A. 2007: In a culture obsessed with chic and technology, the Wild Palms Network is offering the ultimate on television experience: mimecom, which creates virtual reality in your living room. Behind this invention is Tony Kreutzberg (Robert Loggia), senator, creative and all-around-cult object, who coined the term "Syntiothics" and began a cult. What does this man and his media emporium has to do with the lives of one Harry Wyckoff (James Belusihi) and his good-natured, even tempered wife, Grace (Dana Delany)? Harry is a patents attorney, Grace is a suburban housewife moonlightning as a fashion maven. She's the daughter of the impossibly chic and ultra-charismatic Josie Ito (Angie Dickinson), widow of a notable japanese businessman, and former wife of Eli Levitt (David Warner), a professor-turned-activist. The Wyckoffs have two children: Coty (Ben Savage), a 12-year-old child star with a mean temper and sweet 5-year-old Deirdre (Monica Makala), the "Little Buddha", whom wisely observes but yet has to utter a word. Not all is well in this happy household: Harry has been under a lot of stress lately, his increasingly life-like dreams concerning a Rhino in the pool are disturbing his marital life and his shrink isnot much help, meanwhile, Grace is subtly cracking at the edges, whilst all the hip angst starts piling up in her übermom fantasy and her intuition is going overdrive with fear. One sunny day, their nice lives will be disrupted: Harry will reacquaint himself with the alluring fille-fatale Paige Katz (Kim Cattrall), his erstwhile college sweetheart, who has many a shady trick up her designer sleeves, and Grace will hit it out with fabu superstar Tabba Schwartzkopf (Bebe Neuwirth), none other than the face of Church Windows. Soon, the Wyckoffs will find themselves immersed in a surreal secret war fought in the luminous California days, as slowly but implacably, a perverse conspiracy is taking form and the future is already here. Dream carefully...moreless