Wild Roses

Season 1 Episode 4

Booms and Echoes

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 27, 2009 on CBC

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  • Maggie has a first date with Dillon... Lucy hires a stranger who just arrived... Everyone attends a charity banquet... And Peter gets a little wild!

    Everyone knows what it means when a guy asks a woman to 'stay for breakfast' but this wasnt the case when Dillon takes Maggie to breakfast on their first date. There is of course a budding relationship here that later hits a big bump when Maggie finds out Dillon works for David. Have to wait to see how that turns out!
    Now we have a mysterious stranger named Briggs working on Rivercross and you know that always means trouble. What is his real story? Is Lucy too enamored to see the truth? Probably! David tries to hide a chemical spill in the river but the Henrys find out when they have to chase down their cattle that somehow got out. Later Maggie uses that to force David to donate 250,000 to her charity that helps clean up messes! Meanwhile Peter is doing some cocaine and drinking with the drug dealer Ricky, who convinces Peter to stand up to his father. Well that doesnt go as planned! This was a much more interesting episode and you can see the potential for the show. Hopefully it will be renewed for a second season. I like the charachters and their development. They are getting more depth and subtlety to them.