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Wild Roses



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  • Season 1
    • Past & Present
      Past & Present
      Episode 1
      David is determined to get ownership of Rivercross but the Henrys are just as resolvent to keep the land in the family.
    • Cowgirls
      Episode 1
      After Maggie spurns David’s affections at Rebecca and Trevor’s lavish engagement party, David becomes determined to take-over Rivercross.
    • First & Last
      First & Last
      Episode 1
      It's the season finale as the Henrys continue to struggle to find oil while losing money. Kate's decision to leave gives her a chance to reconnect with Peter, while Lucy faces the pressure of her relationship with Will and the oil dig. Jude reappears in time for Charlotte to confront her past and it all comes to a head at Rebecca and Trevor's wedding, when Rebecca has to choose between her husband-to-be or betray her father. It all comes to an explosive end as someone's life hangs in the balance.moreless
    • Sisters and Brothers
      The wealthy McGregors are more determined than ever to take control of the Henrys land.
    • Friends and Rivals
      Peter must train a girl entered in the same barrel racing competition as Kate.
    • Booms and Echoes
      Booms and Echoes
      Episode 4
      Lucy hires Briggs to work at the ranch. David's drilling operations cause trouble for the Henrys.
    • Secrets & Lies
      Secrets & Lies
      Episode 5
      Maggie is still interested in Dillon, but Dillon will have to decide between Maggie and loyalty to his boss David. Lucy and Briggs continue flirting, until Lucy learns of Briggs' background. And Will has to make a choice between protecting his family's business interests or helping Lucy.
    • Oil & Water
      Oil & Water
      Episode 6
      Charlotte develops her first crush on a young environmentalist. Peter's jealousy over Briggs causes a rift between Peter and Kate. Rebecca discovers Trevor can be just as unfaithful when one of his college buddies visits. And Dillon wants to tell Maggie about the oil on her land but disappears.
    • Love & Loss
      Love & Loss
      Episode 7
      Maggie butts heads with Charlotte over her choice of friends when caught with pot in her bag.Briggs and Kate finally get around to kissing before he leaves the ranch for good. Peter sees this and goes on a jealousy binge. Maggie suspects David in wrongdoing over Dillon's disappearance. And Rebecca may just be a new ally to her father though she believes he had something to do with Dillon's fate.moreless
    • Sin & Redemption
      Sin & Redemption
      Episode 8
      Traumatized by finding Dillon's body, Charlotte goes on a rebellious rampage with her new friends. Lucy tells Will about her suspicions of his father being involved in Dillon's death and jeopardizes their new relationship. Peter gets a new look on life from his hospital roommate and decides to move out of his home. Police confirm Dillon's death wasn't an accident and Maggie's even more sure it was David. David is getting in deeper when Cameron tells him he wants David's oil, but is Rebecca gonna be able to help him?moreless
    • Meat & Potatoes
      Meat & Potatoes
      Episode 9
      Charlotte wants to keep seeing Jude and goes to Rebecca for advice.Peter tries to help the Henrys by giving them some horses but is stopped by David. Will looks into what Dillon was doing before his murder and finds evidence that might incriminate his father and ruin the business. And Maggie helps Kate to locate Briggs to try to figure out the true story.moreless
    • Boom & Bust
      Boom & Bust
      Episode 10
      The Henrys finally learn of the oil under their land, and from an unexpected source. Getting at it is an entirely different prospect. Charlotte is upset they are considering the riches of oil rather than the destruction of their land. Charlotte finds out Jude is not the straight up guy she thought he was. Rebecca dumps Trevor until he shows her who the real Alpha-Male is. And Will offers to help the Henrys with their new-found oil reserves.moreless
    • Hunters & Gatherers
      Charlottes birth mother makes a surprise visit. Kate has unlikely help in David McGregor, hunting down a wolf that has been killing animals on their ranch and other ranches. Will she take advantage of the situation? Now that Trevor has become more assertive he decides to run as an independent candidate for parliament. Rebecca tries many avenues to find out who has helped the Henrys with their drilling problem, and finally gets it from a cell message on Lucy's phone.moreless
    • Time & Chance
      Time & Chance
      Episode 12
      Lucy has to turn to Will when David backs the Henrys into a corner with the oil companies, while Rebecca and Trevor play a political game of cat & mouse when the opposition digs up some dirty laundry about Trevor. Kate tries to find an alternative route to keep the ranch going but Maggie ultimately decides for oil exploration. Will Kate be forced to leave Rivercross?moreless
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