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R.I.P. WILD ROSES! (Spoilers Inside)

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    I doubt this will be news to anyone and since this board is as dead as the show, doubt anyone will notice but CBC has opted not to renew Wild Roses for Season 2. Which is horrible news because it started out great, had a bit of a creative lull but it really picked up towards the end. Not to mention the cliffhangers that we were left with and now will see no resolution of! We'll never find out if Will or Maggie survived that explosion that dumbo Jude & Co. set off....or if Lucy is really gone and left her crispy Will and mama behind now.....I hope the writers/showrunners at least reveal what would've been planned for the second season if anything at all. Goodbye promising quality Canadian television, it was nice watching you while it lasted! Here's one article source about the cancellation so that this doesn't seem unproven at all:


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