Wild Roses

Season 1 Episode 3

Friends and Rivals

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 20, 2009 on CBC

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  • Previously on "Wild Roses"... Charlotte blackmails the diva Rebecca...Ricky comes looking for Peter...and David learns Rivercross has oil!

    Ricky has her henchman trash the card cheater to learn where to find Wills car and get her cocaine back...Peter is not going to like what happens when she finds him, and Will is going to have to suffer again because of his brother. Meanwhile Peter has to stop training Kate for the barrel race that Kate hopes to win to make the next payment for the ranch to David, putting a strain on Peter and Kate's budding relationship. David forces Peter to instead train a potential oil partner's daughter to win the barrel race, and as Peter coaches her they seem to hit it off, which can only lead to more trouble for Peter. Charlotte gets conned by Rebecca into deleting the photos she took of Rebecca cheating on her fiance, and we see again that Charlotte, while mostly a 'down home girl' has exotic tastes and begs Maggie to let her buy designer jeans. Maggie has to disappoint her explaining they don't have the money for that stuff. This will become more of a problem in the future as Charlotte will undoubtably look for ways to get things they can't afford. Kate eventually wins the barrel race allowing her to make the payment to David, and as a bonus screws up David's chances of getting the contract with the oilman.