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  • The new 'Dallas'? This is what many people have said about this show.

    In all fairness it takes awhile for writers and actors to flesh out the stories and characters. Some shows almost get it right away by luck more than anything, and also by immediately showing it is unique such as 'lost' or 'heroes'. Some shows like 'Wild Roses' take time to find their way. While it does have a resemblance to 'Dallas', there are many differences, not just in the look and feel of it but also in the setup. David McGregor, upset that his father gave away part of their ranch to the lead ranch hand in his will, feels shorted and, after being rejected by the head of the family (Maggie Henry)that now owns the property 'Rivercross', has vowed to take it back. Since the Henrys owe David money he might be able to do that. As the Henrys to keep up and not default on the payments, David has discovered oil on the Henrys property and is even more determined to get 'Rivercross'. David, however, is alone in his desire to get the property as his two sons, Will and Peter, grew up knowing and liking Maggie and her three daughters Kate, Lucy and Charlotte. As the risk hangs over their head and liasons arise, greed, betrayal and loss are sure to follow. Will the Henrys survive? Will wealth and power destroy two familys? Only time will tell.