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The History Channel (ended 2005)


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  • Season 3
    • Gadgets
      Episode 8
      This episode looks at contraptions practical--and not--devised to tame the frontier. Objects include Wild West mouse traps, lie detectors, a metal detector, an Elgin Cutlass Pistol, kerosene headlamp, electrified brass rails, a self-containing breathing device, stream heat, a syringe, rubber condoms, a donkey engine and much more of the good, the bad and the technologically ugly.moreless
    • Grim Reaper
      Grim Reaper
      Episode 7
      The trek west was a dangerous one--if the elements didn't get you, disease, hostile people, starvation, and accidents of all kinds could. There were no 911 calls at the time. Hospitals were few and far between. Chances of recovering from illness or mishaps were slim or none. This episode takes a look at how settlers met their deaths. Technology, in particular, played a hand. The reaper, for example, was responsible for the passing of many. As it sped up harvesting, it increased the speed at which farm workers were maimed--or worse. Then there were trains, wild animals, and "friendly" innkeepers, who in the end, weren't so nice.moreless
    • Vices
      Episode 6
      In the Old West, there were whores a-plenty and rivers of homemade hooch. Sin was in and available in various flavors. Most vices were still legal back in the 19th century, and inventors could make a fortune creating new technologies to bring them to the masses. Back in the good old days, cocaine was even found in soda pop, and the cure for alcoholism was said to be heroin! Thanks to technology, you didn't have to slump at the opium den, you could get high at home. Take a "trip" out West to the frontier of sex, drugs, and lock'n'load!moreless
    • Bounty Hunters
      Bounty Hunters
      Episode 5
      They were the men who wouldn't take no for an answer, pursuing every lead, tracking every trail, and finally, bringing in their man--dead or alive. Follow along with some of the greatest trackers the West ever saw--men hunting human prey, with huge rewards waiting for those who succeeded. Join us as we separate Wild West fact from Hollywood fiction, and meet men like Charlie Siringo, who would travel tens of thousands of miles before he'd let a bail jumper go free; or Frank Hamer, who brought law to the most lawless parts of Texas, and death to the most notorious criminals of the early 20th Century.moreless
    • Massacres II
      Massacres II
      Episode 4
      Genocide on the untamed frontier? Western technology did much to help--and harm--folks heading West. We examine various incidents, like the Camp Grant Massacre in Tucson, Arizona in April 1871, when a mongrel band of Anglos, Mexicans, and San Xavier Papagos Indians, savagely slew 140 Apache men, women, and children in their sleep. The Goliad Massacre--Texas, March 1836, hundreds of Mexican soldiers executed 342 Texans in a bloody betrayal during the Texas Revolution. The Council House Massacre--March 1840, in San Antonio, when a band of Comanche are blown away by a vengeful volley of gunfire. The Dragoon Springs Massacre--September 1858, in Arizona, stage company workers are brutally murdered in their sleep at the Dragoon Springs Stage Station. The motives for the massacre are still unknown.moreless
    • The Unexplained
      The Unexplained
      Episode 3
      Tune into Wild West Tech to see how technology helped craft the legends that have scared people for generations.
    • Freak Shows II
      Freak Shows II
      Episode 2
      Tune into Wild West Tech to see the tricks freak-show operators used to provide disturbing entertainment to people in the Wild West.
    • Revenge Tech
      Revenge Tech
      Episode 1
      It's said revenge is a dish best served cold. Tune in to Wild West Tech to see how technology impacted acts of revenge in the Wild West.
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