Wild West Tech

The History Channel (ended 2005)


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  • One of the best shows to come around about the wild west.

    Wild west tech has the most info available for that crazy time more then 100 years ago.It has so much information throughout its 35 episodes you will learn where a lot of modern technology comes from.Not only does it have a lot about technology but also about the people who lived back then and the things they went through.All the main gunfighters and some unknowns too.Freakshows I and II were cool ones.They call it the wild west for a reason.If you thought you knew a lot about the wild west think again,this show will show you a lot of cool stuff.The host is spot on too along with the paceing and feel of the entire show.There is so much to say so i will just leave it to you to go and find the dvds and check them out.if your a fan of the wild west,history or just good entertainment this show will deliver.Basically this is one of my favorite shows ever and always will be.Its too bad this is not on the air any more because it is very good.Maybe the history channel will let another channel have it on or something because they won't sell many more dvds without people seeing it.
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