Wild West Tech

Season 2 Episode 2

Vigilante Tech

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2004 on The History Channel

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  • "Vigilante Tech" was a graphic reminder about why no sane person should covet "the good 'ol days" which were very violent and rugged survival-wise. Thank God it was not any more sordid in depicting and re-enacting the violence of the times.

    As a mother, librarian, teacher, archivist, historian and genealogist, I recommend this accurate account of a darker side of the American West and the US until recently. "Street smarts" and "survival of the fittest" and being fleet-footed, with fighting ability (fists and a weapon) was a must. The vigilante culture shows "judge-jury-executioner" at its worst. I disagree that where this mob rule or action was the only law around that people were not humane enough to have more tolerant alternatives. After all, court systems, flawed and fair alike, preceded and followed vigilante rule, if not operating in a parallel line with it, e.g., Texas, which as a Southwestern state has always had both a strong Southern racist and Western expansionist history. Realistically and spiritually, the "Vigilante Tech" episode is a reminder of how thin the line between civility and savagery can become easily blurred. The resurgence in hate crimes target so many groups is the legacy and proof of vigilante tragedy.
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