Wild West

BBC (ended 2004)


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  • Bizarre! If I had to pick one word to describe this show it would have to be bizarre!

    Two 'lesbians until someone better comes along' living in a hole of a town in Cornwall. It doesn't sound very appealing when described and can be boring and hard to understand a times but like most shows it has it's classic moments. Its random and unbelievable storylines are very funny, while also slightly off putting at the same time. I have to admit, when I first started watchin Wild West, I didn't even realise Mary and Ang were lesbians. I just thought it was strange that they shared the same bed. Not as good as some of Dawn French's other classics but still respectable TV viewing.
  • Mary and Ange live above their post office shop in cornwall, lesbians until something better comes along, and the chances of that are more remote that the village itself!

    Very...hmm how to put it? Random. Hilarious. But very random, the storylines or completly and utterly strange and the cornish accents get on my nerves, but bundalls of laughs overall! The lesbian side of things are very strange, and my fabvourite clip is where Angelina is bungee jumping (Mary would've bungeed on screen but due to Dawn French's weight she wasn't allowed to jump) and the cable snaps and she goes head first into the sea. That episode was the best episode in the whole series and i was lauhing for hours!

    Great show! Dawn French is absolutly magnificant! 7/10
  • British Laughs at its best!

    I dont know how anyone could not like this show. Its fairly basic in concept but deep in humor and laughs. Not as great as Vicar of Dibley but I like the people of the town just as much. Its a dark Dibley for sure. The driving Episoide is a Classic!
  • A very stupid British humor on some God forsaken place.

    This show sucks. Maybe just for me but i don't get this stupid british humor, it's not even a bit funny . The show is placed in a fictional village of St Gweep which is actually the real village of Portloe in Cornwall. I sure am lucky not to live there. It's supposed to be a dark comedy but I can't find anything comical about it. I would say its a tragedy I had to see this boring show. I don't get it how can anyone find this funny or a little bit interesting. I hope they stop making new episodes and cancel the show if it's not canceled already.