Wild World of Spike

Thursday 11:30 PM on Spike TV Premiered Jan 06, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • this is the most umbeleivalbly funniest show i have ever seen and if you say otherwise....... your stupid!!!!!!!!

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  • Jason, Kit, and Sam play unusual sports.

    I think this show is very hilarious! I think of it as a "Ha Ha" type of show. It's very funny because they do things, other people are to scared to do! They are man enough to do things that might injure them for a long time. is so funny, I love the taser tag, bull football, and even the food competition. its very funny. Its like a show where people can see what its like around the world, the sports people never even heard of! its so funny and I would love to see more of it! Like it says, its my new best friend.
  • Spike Tv's version of Jackass, though it's not nearly as funny, and they don't do every crazy stunt they see.

    This show follows three random celebs, who watch sports from all across the world. They watch the bizarre, and the extreme, and then when they think it'll be fun, they challenge each other to do it. From jumping into ice cold water, and then standing thirty seconds, to burn their skin, just to find a winner, to sumo wrestling with large women, they'll do sports they like, for the fun of it. It's a milder version of MTV's Jackass, but they don't do every sport they see, and they aren't nearly as reckless. This show is the one your parents compromise on, and let you watch, instead of Jackass.
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