Wild - Season 1

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Episode Guide

  • Leopard Queen
    Episode 33
    After filming a wild female leopard for 17 years, filmmaker John Varty reveals an extraordinary glimpse into the lives of Africa's most secretive big cats. Leopard Queen follows the life of "Manana," a wild leopard whose territory spans the Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa. Manana is plagued by other predators that steal her kills, threaten her cubs and hold her hostage in the treetops. Yet despite the hardship of life as a female leopard, she survives for an incredible 17 years, an age few wild leopards live to see, and in the process, provides us with a greater understanding of this extraordinary species.moreless
  • Lions on the Edge
    Episode 32
    Tanzania's Ruaha National Park used to be a true paradise for wildlife gathered around the rich Ruaha riverbanks. Now, the worst drought in decades is pushing all the animals on a march to find water. National Geographic chronicles the dangerous game of predator vs. prey as animals follow the dry riverbed upstream for water, while circling prides of lions position themselves close by, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.moreless
  • Lion Warriors
    Episode 31
    On the Great Plains below Mt. Kilimanjaro in Kenya, lions attack Maasai cattle, as they have for hundreds of years. And the Maasai warriors have hunted them in return so that now only about 2,000 remain in the country. If their numbers drop any lower, their populations will not be sustainable. Now the Maasai elders and chiefs are recognizing that the threat to the lions is also a threat to their way of life, and have forbidden the warriors to hunt them. National Geographic captures firsthand the struggle of these modern-day warriors, who are reinventing their traditions to help save the lions they once prided themselves on killing.moreless
  • Big Cat Odyssey
    Episode 30
    For 30 years, award-winning filmmakers and National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence Dereck and Beverly Joubert have been filming, photographing and documenting the behavior of big cats in Botswana. Witness the Jouberts' journey as they follow lions and leopards through Africa's harshest climatic extremes, gaining unprecedented access and catching some of the most extreme cat sequences ever filmed.moreless
  • Dragons of the Galapagos
    This spectacular natural history special tells the story of the incredible struggle for survival of the dragons of the Galapagos archipelago.
  • Creatures of the Mangrove
    Discover a saltwater wilderness where creatures have adapted in bizarre ways to their flooded habitat.
  • Crittercam: Blue Whales
    Join National Geographic for an extraordinary expedition to answer questions about the largest animal on the planet: the blue whale.
  • Tropic Gothic
    Tropic Gothic
    Episode 9
    The Queenslander is not just a person but also a type of house - a traditional dwelling built for the tropics. See how a tropical garden's bizarre and beautiful tenants come to inhabit a human realm of timber, tin and glass to claim it as their own.
  • Radical River Raft
    Radical River Raft
    Episode 7
    The river guides of Whitewater Voyages need a new raft that's big enough and cool enough for the last run of the season. A team of extreme industrial artists have three days and $4,500.00 to create the Mother of All River Rat Rafts.
  • Need for Speed
    Need for Speed
    Episode 6
    Take a close look at the challenge-driven individuals who get behind the wheel of a race car, and meet the people who support their fast-paced lifestyle behind the scenes.
  • Crash Test Human: Cars
    We're inside General Motors' Automotive Testing Facility to find out how we survive when we drive. From crash test dummies to real life collisions, crash testers Steven Lee and Dave Young reveal everything you need to know about crashes.
  • Africa: The Megaflyover
    Join National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Mike Fay on a seven-month, transcontinental journey from the southern-most tip of Africa to the northern shores of Morocco. Fay's mission: to save what remains of Africa's wilderness.
  • Journey Into Amazonia: The Land Reborn
    Each year the miraculous resurrection takes place, and a submerged kingdom rises to the surface.
  • Wild Indonesia: Sulawesi Mystery
    This is a bizarre island, where many animals are unique. Even today biologists cannot fully explain the origins of the anoa, the world's smallest buffalo, or the babirusa, the deer pig. It is a tale for which we have to go back millions of years.