Season 1 Episode 6

Alaska II

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 2003 on MTV 2
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Alaska ... An expansive territory, rich with an abundance of natural wildlife and resources, where only the strongest survive.

In the Northernmost settlement of Alaska, Chris and Steve-O partake in a meal of traditional Eskimo cuisine, lick the prehistoric poo-locks of the Musk Ox, and demonstrate why most, if not all, predators in Alaska avoid the porcupine at all cost.moreless
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      • Steve-O: Here in Alaska, dog-sledding's a very popular past-time. Most people do it for the thrill, but we simply have places to go and people to see.

      • Roy Corral (musk ox expert): Dude, you are the first person ever to have licked the locks, since probably the Ice Age. This is a special club that you now belong to.
        Chris: I'm the only one in the club.
        Roy: You're the only one.
        Chris: Steve-O?
        Steve-O: Yeah?
        Chris: Wanna join my club?
        Steve-O: Sure man.

      • Steve-O: Well that was a great meal guys (Chris vomits)

      • Chris: I haven't eaten meat in eleven years, so it's a pretty good idea for me to start with walrus.

      • Chris: We're in bear country
        Steve-O: Manny, how do we know that this is bear country?
        Manny: Uhh, we're in Alaska.
        Chris: Alaska is bear country.
        Steve-O: So chances are, we're going to run into a bear, what happens if we actually see a bear?
        Manny: You hold your ground and face it, and NEVER turn your back and run from a bear.
        Steve-O: Never...
        Chris: BEAR! (they all turn and run)

      • Chris: The bald eagles have the longest lifespan of any bird. That's why they're bald, so old.

      • Chris: (dancing in front of a fox den) It's the artic foxtrot, feels good, c'mon!

      • Manny: A lot of people believe that Steve-O and Chris are idiots. I believe they're scientists, but they're not very smart.

      • Chris: It's time to meet the most dangerous animal in all of Alaska. A beast so fearsome that not even a grizzly bear would attack it. We're going to test its horrifying self-defense mechanisms hands on. Ladies and gentlemen... the porcupine.

      • Steve-O: Well I'll tell you dude, like, those whales are just using you man. Like, that little baby that jumped right out of the water, like, you like, 'cause he knew that a string appearance on MTV could land him a job at Sea World.
        Chris: Everyone wants to be the new Shamu.

      • Steve-O: The vocal stylings of the coyote have been rocking these woods of Alaska for centuries. If nature was a metal band, the coyote would be the lead singer.

      • Chris: If you've noticed on our show, there are some animals we like, and others that we don't like. But if there's one animal that we mortally despise, it's the dastardly, devilish sea gorilla. BURN IN HELL, BEAST!

      • Chris: This is like the first time in my life I wish I was hairy... I am kind of hairy.

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