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Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 02, 2004 on MTV 2
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Brazil ... Home to the largest rainforest in the world, the Amazon river basin contains a staggering amount of plant and animal life found nowhere else on Earth.

The Wildboyz go buck-wild in the rainforests of Brazil as they search out the Mee-Mee Indians to undergo a rite of passage known as the Glove of Ants - a really painful way to go from boys to men in 15 seconds. Further scientific research into the bizarre animals of the Amazon River Basin leads the boys to discover exactly how the electric eel earned its name, and how safely interact with a giant anaconda using a condom.moreless

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      • Chris: You got him.
        Steve-O: What the hell am I supposed to do with him!

      • Chris: I'm not going to lie to you Steve-o, he's probably going to bite you.

      • Steve-O: Just as we suspected, an Amazonian snake pit. I better get in there.

      • Chris: Many have had their salads tossed by a man, few by a manatee.

      • Chris: I don't know what made me more uncomfortable about that, the river otter's weiner on my leg or his moith on my weiner.

      • Chris: This snakes a little bit bigger than the ones we're used to working with.

      • Chris: Kids, it's time for us to be serious. If you gonna go all the way with a big snake, you need to wear some protection!
        Steve-O: And if you thought we were gonna let this anaconda have its way with us without wearing an anacondom, you've gotta be out of your mind.

      • Steve-O: To think, yesterday I couldn't say I'd been electrocuted by an eel.

      • Chris: Was there ever anything that you didn't really wanna do but you had to? Well today, we're in the water with one creepy bastard
        Steve-O: Sticking your finger in an electrical socket will give you 150 volts. They say that this bastard has 600. If one of us gets shocked, we both do.

      • Steve-O: We know this device can change electricity into sound. The question is...can I?

      • Chris: This is a Brazilian Monkey Spider. I read about these guys on the internet and I didn't like what I found out.
        Steve-O: Are they dangerous?
        Chris: They eat birds for a living, of course they're dangerous!
        Steve-O: All I know about spiders is that at any time, if one of them is hairier than your scrotum, it's not a good idea to mess with it.

    • NOTES (1)

      • Steve-O and Chris end up in the emergency room after participating in an Amazonian manhood ritual involving wearing a glove filled with biting ants.

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