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  • A funny and interesting show from two of the Jackass boys.

    Wildboyz is a Jackass like show but involves mainly animals and nature. It stars Steve-O and Chris Pontius, both from Jackass. They get upto all sorts of crazy activities like swimming with great white sharks to being spiked by porcupines. They do not harm any animals, the animals harm them.
    As well as being an hilarious show it is also very interesting. The reason for this is that many facts about animals are told to the viewer. If, like me, you are an animal lover you will adore this show, even if you hate stupidity. Chris and Steve-O travel to loads of countries (the episodes are named after the countries) and endorse themselves in the nature that is native to that country. As well as hurting themselves they also partake in many unusual activities, for example, Ostrich riding.
    This is a decent show, well worth watching if you want a good laugh and there is no jackass available.