Season 1 Episode 10

And Then There Were None.

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Dec 17, 1994 on CBS

Episode Recap

Warblade is seen watching the TV in a gym as the present martial arts champion struts his stuff. Reno gets angry and breaks several boards with his hands (this is when his hands are blades). Zealot walks in and tells him that fighting a human isn't fair when you're and alien with super strength. Warblade retorts saying: "I don't need these to defeat him." After a while, Reno leaves Halo for Japan to chalenge the martial arts champion. While he's gone, the deamonites blow something up catching the atention of the WildCATS. They leave to figure out what happened and Pike sneaks in and takes out Void. He then attacks Marlowe. Pike leaves Marlowe alone on the floor thinking the old man is dead, but after Pike leaves, Marlowe (weak from fighting Pike) calls Reno (who's just about to begin his match against the martial arts champion). Reno hears Marlowe's call and and transforms into Warblade in front of everybody. He leaps off leaving a word of advise to the champion: "I'll be back." The champion faints. Meanwhile, the rest of the CATS are having problems in some country covered by snow. They have to knock out something on top of a building, bet there are too many daemonites blocking their way that they can't. Suddenly, one of the WildCATS' transport vehicles shoots out of nowhere and from it leaps Warblade. He takes out the thingy on the roof and the WildCATS win the battle.