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  • Season 1
    • The End Game - Part One
      The Daemonites attack a NASA research facility, ostensibly to obtain and anti-gravity device developed there which will allow the Behemoth to fly again. The WildCATS arrive to battle them but discover they were set up. The real intention was to lure them into a trap. The Grifter is hit by a stasis cannon held by the possessed Lonely. Zealot, believing her beloved Grifter has been killed, sets out to exact vengeance. She pursues the terrified Lonely in a relentless hunt across the city while the other WildCATS put the comatose Grifter into medical treatment at HQ and arrange for the anti-gravity device to be moved to a more secure location. However, this is all part of Helsponts plan. His drones have already taken control of the secure location and the WildCATS will be delivering the device into the Daemonites hands!moreless
    • M.V.P.
      Episode 11
      The WildC.A.T.S are locked up in Fort Knox by Grifter's brother Lonely, the leader of the Black Razors, after a misunderstanding during a presidential press conference. Tensions between Zelan and Grifter escalate.
    • 12/17/94
      Warblade is seen watching the TV in a gym as the present martial arts champion struts his stuff. Reno gets angry and breaks several boards with his hands (this is when his hands are blades).
    • Betrayed
      Episode 8
      WildC.A.T.S. was having accompanied a new visitor it is Lonely, he is the brother of Grifter. Since their child they are both like friend than being a brother because of the good friendship they had in the arts of shooting and military tactics. Grifter was not knew Lonely is trying to betrayed him to Helspont in exchange of a gift it has promises to him.moreless
    • Soul of a Giant
      Episode 7
      The WildCATS are on a mission in the Arizona desert. This is the episode where we find out about Mol's past.
    • The Evil Within
      Episode 4
      Helspont was planning to use the president in his evil planned of invasion using the atomic bomb in the base. WildC.A.T.S. was send in a mission to save the president from the daemonites and stop this evil plan.While, Voodoo was remembering the past years her parents were died that not knowing it is only a trick of the enemy to join her as servant of daemonites.moreless
    • Cry of the Coda
      Episode 3
      War breaks out between the fictional countries of Yurgovia and Lucitain. HALO Enterprises coincidentally has its European headquarters there.

      Warblade and Zelan spar in a "Danger Room" type setting. She easily defeats him. She chides him for his human weaknesses. Warblade, angered by her cutting remarks stalks out. Grifter tries to explain the human condition to Zelan but it falls on deaf ears.

    • Heart of Steel
      Episode 2
      Sparken is faced with an old flame during a WildC.A.T.s mission.
    • 10/1/94
      Reno Brayce is recruited by the WildC.A.T.s in their fight against the daemonites.
  • Specials
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