Wilde Engel

(ended 2003)


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  • Poor advertising killed it!

    This show had really a great potential but the advertising was the worst I have ever seen.

    Why would they always refer to it as the new ‘Charlie’s Angels”? That’s how it has been know, and thus flamed.

    Aside from the show being about three women with a not very talkative boss, that’s about it regarding the similarities between both shows.

    First the show is German, not American.
    The three women team up in a rather different way: they are not brought together by some mysterious man (Charlie Townsend) but after getting themselves out of trouble alone.
    That’s then that they are noticed, and recruited by Herr Grossman who would hire them on a regular basis when officially no one can do anything.
    In other words, they work secretly for the government, not for a detective’s agency.

    The storylines might look poor but at least the show makes you spend a good time.

    This show was packed with a lot of humour and action.
    Plus the three actresses had a fantastic chemistry.
    Too bad, TPTB decided in season 2 to change them, saying they were too old, because that’s how they lost me as a viewer: for me Wilde Engel will always be Franziska, Christina and Lena!