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Wildfire (1986)

CBS (ended 1987)



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Wildfire (1986)

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In this animated Hanna/Barbera series, the kingdom of Dar-Shan is placed under a curse by the evil Diabolyn. Diabolyn deposes Queen Serena and exiles Serens'a infant daughter Sarah and her husband Prince Cavan to Earth. Prince Cavan is stripped of his memories and believes he is John Cavanaugh, a rancher in the American Southwest. Sarah is unaware of her heritage until the day that Wildfire, an intelligent magical horse and the Royal Family's Champion, travels to Earth to bring Sarah to Dar-Shan and aid in whatever problems they have. Each week Sarah travels to Dar-Shan with Wildfire, typically to thwart the schemes of Diabolyn as she tries to take the throne and become Queen.
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  • This was one of my favourite shows as a kid. One of those shows you watch but no one else seems to have heard of and then you begin to doubt yourself and wonder if you actually imagined the whole thing.moreless

    I can't believe this only went for one season. Or that no one else seems to actually remember it. In my opinion this was an absolutely fabulous cartoon series - that I was crazy about as a kid. I knew all the words to the theme song and I remember it being such a beautiful song. I tried to watch every episode but as I was quite young when this was released I cant be certain this is actually the case! My friends and I used to run around pretending to be characters from the cartoon. If it ever actually goes to DVD I definetely have to purchase a copy to see how it compares to the memories I have of it.moreless
  • Kept my attention

    For years I didn't actually know what this show was called. As a child I had watched this series on Saturday mornings, never missing an episode, as I got older though I could only remember bits and pieces - with no series title.

    Wildfire I found enjoyable as it wasn't quite so, dare I say 'pretty', as some of the (especially) girly cartoon series that were out at the time.

    The being able to travel between worlds in order to save her kingdom from destruction always provides a different adventure and horse, Wildfire, is always there to protect her. And of course, Sarah always came back to Earth.

    This is just a great cartoon series which was very original and enjoyable to watch.