Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 20, 2006 on ABC Family

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  • Probably the best episode of Season 2!

    This episode just didn't stop with all the amazing plot lines & revealing lies & secrets, Dani's father butted Picarro, now it's revealed to Kris & everyone thinks it's Dani. "And you knew about this!" One of Kris' best lines, and Junior moves back in, cause now he owns the house, I love when Dani comes to yell at her father & her is wearing cuffs. Kris overcomes riding a horse after riding Kerry's plane. Oh & I detect definite jealousy from Kerry when Junior & Kris were in the embrace, this episode reminds me of Season 1, the good old days, a lot of crying though. Best episode of Season 2.
  • In this episode Kris finds out the truth about Picaro and overcomes her fear of riding Wildfire.

    This episode was one of the best one they have come up with so far. The way Kris reacts to the news about Picaro and how she flipped out at Matt, only added to the suspense. Then to see Kris and Junior asleep together added to the happiness. The part I liked the best was when Kris was talking to Wildfire in the Davis Barn when she said, "I get it. You don't want to be lead around like Mary had a (deleted) lamb." This episode is the bomb. Kris and Junior are meant to be together for ever. TRUE!!
  • I really liked it.

    I really enjoyed this episode because I enjoy episodes with all the friends in them. I dont really know why but I just do I find them more intresting. I also liked the way Jr. layed with Chris(I believe that was in this episode). And thats just because I love them togeather and dont like them with anyone else, I was extremly ticked when Carrie walked in and was in a way chewing out them for staying in the barn and was shooting Jr. disapproving looks when he saw him and Chris. I was happy also when Chris decided to ride Wildfire again. Thats it.
  • Best episode of the season!

    I thought that the episode 51/49 was one of the best episodes of the whole season. It sorta reminded me of the episode in season 1 \\\"Lost And Found\\\". Kris, Junior, Matt, and Dani are stuck in the Davis barn after a bad storm. Junior and Kris get closer but then Kerry comes and ruins their moment!!!
  • A fab/horrible episode

    This Wildfire episode was both awesome and painful to watch. It was painful because I think that Junior and Kris should be together. I really don't like Kerry. Kerry is like in his late 20's and Kris is 19. I love Junior and Kris should be with him. It was awesome to see all of them together like when they were chasing the Mustangs. I also think that the Ken Davis story is a great plot. Now with Junior back at home and the gang back together I think it will make for an interesting final 3 episodes. The season finale will be very interesting.
    Kris + Kerry = headcase horrible relationship
    KRIS+ JUNIOR= GREAT COUPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!