Season 2 Episode 9

Break Down

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2006 on ABC Family

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  • Picarro breaks down.

    Well this episode is definitely chilling, When Kris' horse breaks down, that was so unbelievable, I thought I was dreaming, and at the end Dani blames Kris for what happened. That is completely nuts if you ask me. I like the end, Junior is such a stalker, Junior watching Kris in her sleep, that was creepy bu it show he still loves her, which is always nice. Kris going to trial again, very scary for her. Junior losing everything, that sucks! I'm going to miss the club, loft & car. Now Junior is homeless, who would of ever thought. An amazing episode.
  • As always great but sorta scary for me with what happened to Chris and all.

    I loved it. I mean it was so intresting. I also adored that Jr. believed in Chris so much to bet practically his whole life on her. It was so sweet. As I said in the summary it scared me when Chris went down. I didnt know if she was going to be able to ever ride again, also ,no matter how hard it id for me to say this I felt sorry for Dani because she loved and believed in that horse so much. I mean she acted really good during that scene cause she litarly looked as if she was going to cry.