Season 2 Episode 13

Close Shave

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 10, 2006 on ABC Family

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  • Dani is so awesome in this episode.

    The episode starts with Gillian & Kerry waking up in the same bed, and Kerry leaving his watch at her place and Dani finds it, the moment we have been waiting for, The Breeder's Cup, Kris gets in on false pretenses, Dani's horse Ishmael is pretty good, I like how Dani changes the bet for the sake of Gillian's reputation. And then Dani takes over Davis, her plan all along as it seems. Kerry dying, something Wildfire couldn't take, that is pretty intense, but after cheating on Kris, I didn't feel that bad. Kris won! And Junior & Kris still have feelings for each other, plus they get to keep baby Wildfire AKA Flame. An amazing episode with an amazing cliffhanger.
  • It's the season finally and the day of the big race. Kris thinks things through about her going away to Europe with Kerry. The Davis family tries to figure out a way to make sure Gillian doesn't turn their farm into a mall.

    Close shave was great, I only gave it 9.9 because it would have been a perfect 10 if it wasn't for the ending. The episode gave us pretty much everything we would want to see in that show. A little romance, a little race action, a sweet goodbye scene, a cliffy for the next season, and a little of Dani facing off Gillian. All in the all the episode was great. Junior at the end with Kris and Flame was pretty sweet as well. Proving that he isn't just a rich kid with attitude.
  • \"The Best one so far\"

    I loved that Kerry disappeared I really didnt like him at all. I hated that Kerry cheated on Kris just so she will get into the breeders cup. I just wanted to kill him after that part. Now Kris and Junior can get back together. I cant wait until season three comes around. It was cool that Dani finally took over the barn and wont be left out anymore. She may not be the best person in the world but she can run a business pretty well. Dani is soo cool in this episode and finally getting what she deserves
  • Kris won!!

    I'm so happy Kris won the Breeders Cup!! I hope the writers don't do the same thing with Kerry that they did with Junior. I hope he doesn't go missing then randomly appear like Junior did at the beginning of Season 2. I don't like Kerry. 1.) He cheated on Kris. 2.) He lied to Kris. 3.)He missed possibly the biggest day of her career. 4.)He seems to old for Kris. What I'm trying to say is Kerry isn't good enough for Kris Furillo. Anyone agree with me?
  • Not what I expected!

    I was not expecting this episode to be as good as it was. I had been a bit dissapointed with the show and was ready for the season finale. After I was through watching it and totally changed my tune! I absolutely loved it! The way Dani was playing everyone was interesting to watch. I haven't seen Dani that way since the beginning of the show. I thought the ending was absolutely perfect for a season finale too. Kris getting the phone call was perfect to end the season with and I felt that this will give the writers alot more 'stuff' to work with in season three.
  • The season finale was good! i liked it! I only gave it a 9.6 because i thought the ending kinda sucked.. not like bad but disappointing. i cant wait till next season!

    Wildfire is a wonderfull show! I LOVE IT! The cast is perfect! They fit their parts! I LOVE RYAN! hes soo cute! hes the perfect "rich" guy. What i dont get is if Kris actually likes junior or not! i cant tell... i hope she does! I DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT like the Kerry! he is a cheater and a liar! UGH! who agrees with me?!?!? i wonder what kris is going to do.. go to Europe or stay! does anybody have any thoughts? i like to hear other people's opinions no matter if they are against mine or with mine.. so let me know what YOU think about the show!
  • Wildfire is about Kris who just got out of jail and go to work on Ridder Farms. She falls in love with Junior whos family owns Davis farms. Davis farms is competing with Ridder farms for the top spot in horse racing

    OH MY GOD!!!!!! This was the perfecct way to end the season. I am so glad that Carrey is out of the picture. Now Kris and Junior can go on with thier relationship. I liked it when Junior gave Kris Wildfires baby. When Kris got the call from Carreys office it was the best part of the show when she told Junior that Carreys plane had gone down it the mountains. Then she said that he or his plane could be found it was like YES Carrey is finally gone. I hope that in season 3 Carrey can not be found. If he is it is going to be so bad. Junior and Kris should move in together. I think Junior is going to get his part of Davis farms back from Julian (that is not spelled right.) I think that Matt and Julian should break up and he should get back together with Dani. I hope season 3 is better than season 2 not like i didn\'t like season 2 its just it kinda sucked that Carrey had to be in it as Kris\'s boyfriend for a short peroid of time. I hope that season 3 is coming SOON!

    Between the race and the final words of the series, this whole episode is nerve wrecking!

    Kris must decide between staying at Raintree or traveling to Europe to further her career; Baby Wildfire must be sold.

    Kerry disappears at the end of this episode. Will he return next season? As the enemy or as the foe? It's TOO NERVEWRECKING! >_

    This was the perfect way to end the season. It was such a good episode They always leave the end as a secret to keep you watching of course I mean they have on the first season and now this one but I did like it sorry to say I was sorta glad about what happened to Carey I can not stand him I mean his character not the actual actor I would never wish that ao someone but I do wish the character was out of the picture for Junior and Chris they fit togeather so well! I dont like Tina Sharp either because she pretty mush broke them up.
  • AWWW

    Such a good eppie, the ending was a dissipointment. but better than last season\'s. i had a feeling that kris would win- its a duh thing. I cant wait for the next season (if they make one) I cant believe that junior bought baby wildfire. i know they said he would sell for 300k? dont know. but anyways it was good
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