Season 3 Episode 4

Close to Home

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • Kris moves in.

    This episode, I thought was just really funny. When Kris's trailer burns down, and she moves in to Matt's room. Kris checks out Matt shirtless. And Matt sees Kris naked. A very awkward situation. Kris just wants to get out. So Matt & Kris join the rodeo. First place, gets a trailer. But they lose so I guess Kris has to stay longer than she thought. The RJ & Dani flame starts up. Finally Dani gets someone else instead of Matt or Bobby. Matt sticking to the rodeao, but only landing five seconds. A great episode. With very funny & serious plots.
  • wildfire

    i love last week episde but i wish that kris and junior would just get back together he loves kris and she is in love with hem but she whats to have a good family but junior could be her family i she would just open her eyes i hope junior and kris get bak together in the end of this season but it not in this season maybe in season 3 but i am not giveing up on kris and junior they are in love withh each other so don't give up junior and kris fans i will never give on kris and junior do we still have hope