Season 2 Episode 4

Dangerous Liaisons

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 2006 on ABC Family

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  • Woah.

    This episode through me off the edge, seriously, all I ever wanted in this show happened in this episode, Junior & Kris have sex again. Which was filled with passion, them fooling around, keeps them from looking at Wildfire knocking up another horse, while Jean & Charlie romantic plans go awry when Matt ends u interfering. Matt finding out the horse was fake was nerve wracking, especially when he is trying to switch it with the real one. Love makes you do crazy things. Everything turns out to be okay except the mean horse is pregnant & Wildfire is a father, I love how the waitress is waiting for Junior hopelessly & at the end he comes, "This place runs itself right?" Best episode of Wildfire by far.
  • Absolute Passion!

    Kris and Junior played by Genevieve Cortese and Ryan Sypek are amazing together! Its episodes like these that get people into that own world.. the world of Television! It goes one way, in fantasy, but then adds the REALITY factor into it! Thats real, true.. TELEVISION!! One of the best episodes so far!
  • i just want to know

    i didn\'t see this episode but i don\'t think this season has been quite as good as the last.i mean i am still going to watch the show and everything but does anyone agree with me? and can anyone tell me every single little thing that happened in this episode, i really want to know?
  • Mean Horse, Kris is incharge or raintree for the weekend with matt..matt leaves to help dani...crisis happens at the farm and kris calls junior to help...they share an romantic all nighter together and then matt gets conned and switches horses...for dani.

    well i can tell you one thing about this episode...it was the sexiest...like the only problem i found was when Kris and Junior have their moment...(again)like after it happen she was apoligizing to Junior and like isn\'t this what she wanted to have Junior back their was really no reason for her to say she was sorry except for oversleeping...Wildfire is a stud!!! lack of Focus + Wildfire = not going to happen...I like Matt with Dani cause that means Kris can be with Junior and there probably won\'t be a fight..but there always is...Kris should so trust Junior more because even othough her life was screwed up in the first place and she really couldn\'t trust her own mother doesn\'t mean she can\'t learn to trust someone who really wants to be with her...i mean you can see it if you really watch the series...including the marathons...you can really see there hidden love and love that shows between them...can\'t wait til the next episode
  • Jean and Charlie go away for a romantic weekend and leave Kris and Matt in charge of Raintree, what could go wrong?

    Charlie is one of the sweetest guys, he plans this whole romantic getaway with Jean, and all she can say is that she hates opera. Matt actually has a moment where he seems like an adult and agrees to watch over Raintree while they are away (with the help of Kris of course). Everything seems to be going well and then here comes Dani and her Internet horse scheme. She cons Matt into leaving Kris all alone on the ranch so he can go get a horse for an opposing ranch (smart move). Kris ends up with too much to handle and ends up calling Junior and after they carry in the hay they end up having sex in Kris' trailer (hooray) but low and behold the trouble has just began. When they wake up Wildfire is missing (he let HIMSELF out of the stall) Kris has to call for Junior's help again, who said it would be the last time. They find Wildfire with a beautiful (but mean) mare. Charlie and Jean have nothing but problems when going on their romantic getaway. Their car breaks down, Charlie does not know how to fix it, They get to the hotel and it is completely booked, even the honeymoon suite which Charlie had the confirmation number in his wallet but he left his wallet in the broke down car. Matt ends with their room (courtesy of Dani's persuasion)
    Then Matt gets scammed on Dani's horse but on his way home to Raintree see the guys truck and trailer and switches the horses which saves the day (for him and Dani). The end kind of kept things open for things to come.