Season 3 Episode 10


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 05, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • Junior punches out Kris.

    This episode was really great. Junior finds out about Matt & Kris the hard way. And he totally flips out. And makes the whole thing dramatic. Then he breaks down in the end, when his car breaks down. His girl, his car, and his best friend. Gone. I kind of felt bad until he got the Porshe and now he's back in the Davis business. My favorite part was when Junior accidentally puches Kris. That was hilarious! Dani stressing over RJ was pretty boring. But there were a lot of brother/sister moments. So that's always good. Getting the new trainer is hard for the Ritters. And finally Kris wins the race!
  • Kris and Matt's relationship is discovered by Junior. Dani is dealing with RJ's death. Junior accidently hits Kris instead of hitting Matt. Junior breaks down, Dani is there for him, he gets his porch back and gets into the family business.

    This episode was rather sad, for Junior's sake and a bit of Dani's. Junior finds out about Kris and Matt and doesn't take it to well, who would? He still hasn't let Rj's death affect him so that put together leads to his break down after seing Kris and Matt share a kiss at the race track. Kris wins yet another race. A confrotation with Dani, Matt, Kris and Junior at the bar, leading for Junior to accidently hit Kris. Junior tells Matt he wont accept their relationship. He gets his porche back and gets into the family business.
  • The horse Kris is riding wins...again....Jr finds about about Kris and Matt. Dani cries...alot...

    This episode actually made me start to think that maybe Kris and Matt are suited for each other. I liked their honesty rule and the fact that they stayed true to it, even when it hurt. I thought the race was little ridiculous, but I don't know that much about horseracing, so it could just be me. What I did enjoy were the scenes with Junior and Dani. I often find the acting a little wooden on the show, but definitely see this show as a guilty pleasure, so I am more than willing to put up with it. However, the look on Jr's face when he confronted Matt and Kris, well, let's jus say you could feel his pain. I thought Dani and Jr were believable as siblings finding their way through the terrible things that have happened to them of late. Pablo telling Jr he has had hard couple of weeks was like the understatement of the year. I also found it kind weird that Jean went from being seemingly ok with Matt and Kris in the last episode to calling out Matt for dating an employee. Just seemed like they dealt with her fears in the last episode. I agree that she would still have some concerns, but it seemed a bit much and like they were rehashing stuff. I also have to agree that with Jr, it creeps me out too when Daddy Davis is earnest. Although, getting Jr another Porsche was inspired. Throughout this episode, all I could think was that Jr deserves so much more than Kris. When the show started, he completely annoyed me, but I guess he as grown on me. He definitely thinks actions speak louder than words, like buying Flame or bringing Dani her favorite food and movies to try and cheer her up. Looks like Jr is growing up...although I have a feeling we are going to see him regress. His Porsche seems to have that effect on him...
  • Wow. Great Eppy. Matt and Kris are annoying. Junior has a melt down. Dani is there for Junior. Pablo is training at Davis Farms. The Porsche is back!!!

    Wow, what an eppy. Junior is my favorite on this show. I was holding back the tears when he finally let it loose. I have always liked Dani and Im liking her even more. I love there relationship! Im so glad Dani comfronted them and Junior came to the rescue when he saw matt yelling at her. Kris and Matt are annoying me. I just dont like them. I tried but it didnt work. I was alittle upset we didnt hear what "happened" to Flame since Gillian owns him. Next week looks awesome. Kris has to do something really wrong to make Junior fire her. I was shocked about Junior punching Kris but it didnt hurt me feelings that it happened. LOL. Im glad Junior is fighting for what he wants. He deserves the BEST!!! I also think JEan has a point. Matt and Kris's relation will get in the way of the ranch!!!! I knew Tim was going to move his horses!!!Im glad we are still seeing Pablo. Im kinda glad to see him at Davis Farms b/c of what JEan and MAtt did to him, when he wanted to buy Wildfire. I have alot to say but I will leave it at that for now. haha. GO JUNIOR!!!!!!