Season 3 Episode 1

Fairy Tale Endings

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 01, 2007 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Of course the beginning consists of snippets of scenes from seasons 1 and 2 to set the ground work for the episode. It opens up with Kris sitting in the grass talking to Wildfire about how upset she is about Kerry's plane crashing. Then she rides wildfire around Raintree, fading into the memorial service for Henry Ritter. Junior comes and remembers fun moments with Gene and Matt about Henry. Then he goes to find Kris, who is in the stables.He finds her They stop and talk in front of baby wildfires stable. They talk/joke to each other about Henry and when she first came. Junior tries to bring up what happened at the end of the finale, but she changes the subject to baby wildfire. They laugh about how they have to think of a name for him. Once again, Junior says, Kris we need to talk. But Gene walks in and tells Kris that the sheriff called, they found Kerry's plane. Her and Junior look over to Gene as Kris stares on. (The opening credits begin.)

Junior and Kris go to the hospital, where they find Kerry is still in surgery. Junior plans to stick around with Kris, but Kris tells him she just wants to be alone and stresses out. Junior tries to gently argue with her, but gives in and leaves, telling her to call him. Then, we find Matt and Gillian by the river bank, in Henry's old favorite spot. They talk about Henry and their relationship. Gillian proposes that Matt go to Africa with her for a little while. And Matt agrees without barley a thought. Then, we see Dani marveling about her new office she's designing over the phone. Ken arrives in the room and talks to her about how he is proud of her, and the company. Then he asks for money for his legal fund. Dani refuses harshly, as The Ritters get an unexpected visitor. Jesse, Henry's little brother, arrives with a surprise: A horse. A Hairy horse, Taz, that they simply do not need, but Henry left it to them. (Matt inparticular). Gene is surprised Jesse came and looks suspicious. Meanwhile, they show Kris at the hospital, debating over whether to call Junior, and Junior doing to same thing at home. After a few almost calls, they both close their phones and don't call each other. A doctor wakes Kris up, telling her she can see Kerry now, but he is unconscious. She walks into his room and stares at him, thinking, she is standing where she cant see the window. In the window, Junior looks in. He stares for minute at her and Kerry, and then turns and walks away, half a second before Kris turns her head and looks out the window. Gene finds Kris in the hospital and brings her food,Kris questioned about the ranch. Kris finds out her check bounced, which doesn't seem like much at the moment. Pablo and Matt laugh, watching the Taz, talking about how unuseful he is. Matt gets a call from Gillian, which Pablo overhears and finds out his Africa plans. As longs as traveling the rest of the world. Back at the new Parsons-Davis barn, Dani tells Ken of her plans to sell a horse they've had for a long time in a claiming race, Ken disagrees, telling her she shouldn't sell him off. She tells him that he's not fooling anyone with his new attitude. Back at the Ritter house, Gene, Jesse, Todd and Matt sit in the living room while a lawyer reads them Henry's will. He left Todd his baseball cards, Jesse his small bunkhouse, and surprisingly, Gene HALF the ranch. The other half is Matt's if he trains the new horse well and upholds his half. If not, it's forfieted to Gene. Kris argues over the phone with the bank. All her checks are bouncing. The lady over the phone says she has zero balance, and Kris freaks out. But hangs up the phone as soon as she sees Kerry wake. He doesn't say much except tell her that everything he did he did for her. He falls asleep, and Kris ponders what that means. Back at the ranch, Jesse and Matt are bonding, talking about how their passion was not horses, and Jesse convinces Matt to take his path: leaving Raintree. Junior uses an example about JFK's airplane to Dani, telling her she know that something went wrong. He tells her Kerry's plane was far to off course to be coming home. He tells her he's not just trying to get rid of him. Dani agrees to a point, and tried to tell him about the watch. She then discovered Ken sent Junior into beg for the money for him. In the Ritter's kitchen, Matt tells his mom about his plans. She gets angry, but says she gets it, until Matt says hes going to sell Taz. Junior meets up with Kris at the hospital, chatting about Kerry's recovery. Junior, being concerned for her, tries to tell her that something was off at the location of the plane. He tells her that Kerry was never coming home for the Breeders', that he was on his way to Mexico, according to a filed flightplan. Kris gets angry and argues with him, saying he's lying, he's just trying to get her angry so they break up and needs to get over himself and leave 'them' alone. We switch to a scene at the horse auction, where Matt is auctioning off Taz. Matt assures Gillian that this is what he wants to do. The horse goes crazy when Matt's walking him down the walkway, and the horse runs off. Gene, Gillian and Pablo among the panicking crowd, run off to go find Matt and Taz. Back at the hospital, Kerry and Kris are subtly laughing and talking. Kerry urges her to go home and rest. She reluctantly agrees, promising him chocolate chip cookies when she returns. She stops and tells him how scared she was before walking out the door. We then find Junior and Dani with the punching bag, taking turns. Junior jokes about the 'family name'. After some fighting, Dani agrees to give him the money. She gives him a little more than he asked for before, the purse for the horse's winning claiming race. The two make up. Jesse and Matt are at the bunkhouse, going through Jesse's old stuff,and talking about Henry. When an unspoken realization comes over them both. Back in the kitchen, Pablo and Gene are freaking out trying to figure out how to pay the bills. They are extremely curious as to when the Breeders check will be deposited. Gene reluctantly calls, and confusing enough, finds out that the check was cashed into a 'special account' neither Gene or Pablo knows of. Apparently, it was per her written request in the racing forms envelope. Gene has no idea what she's talking about and hangs up dumbfounded. Kris glides in happily, rambling about Kerry, when Gene stops her and asks her if she remembers the envelope, Kris did. Gene clarified that she was the one to deliver it. Kris just stares at her, nervously. It fades into Kris walking in Kerry's hospital room as calm as she can. He tells her he's free to go, nervously she walks in. She carefully asked him about something. She tells him there has been a mix up with the purse money. He acts as if he has no idea what she's talking of. She told him she wants the truth. He is surprised for her asking, trying to convince her she's innocent. She sees a bag in the corner and realizes he was never coming back to the ranch. Fastily and emotionally she hurls out of control accusing him of taking the money, he denies it, but she keeps going. About how he stole Her money and Raintree's money, fuming, yelling at him. She then realizes exactly what he was doing when his plane went down: disappearing without a trace. She keeps yelling, as he begins to explain what happens. He tell her he had money trouble, that some guys bailed him out, and he owed them money. He tries to soften her up about how she earned back 2nd chances with the Ritters', she backfires, and he asks for another chance, tells her he is sorry. She stares at him for a minute and tells him he's not sorry, but he will be. She storms out as an cop and an FBI agent walk in, arresting him as she storms into the waiting room, you hear the talking in the background. It fades to her confessing to Gene and Pablo, trying to recover her loss. They are angry and upset, she tries her best to tell them she'll regain the money, but they calmly tell her she can't. Elsewhere, Matt tells Gillian he can't go, and she tells him she'll stay with him. At the Davis', Dani jokes harshly about Junior getting somebody pregnant when he sits down reading a baby name book, "spreading the Davis seed", in truth to find a name for baby wildfire. They laugh it off as Ken comes in the room, announcing he has good news. Junior jokes about the news being he gets to share a prison cell with Kerry. Ken tells them all of his charges have been dropped. They stare at him in disbelief, as he tells them the money came at the right time. Junior says he paid someone off, which he did, and they laugh about the family being reunited. Junior leaves, Dani congratulates him. They both agree to celebrate. As Dani leaves the room, Ken picks up the phone and calls his lawyer. He tells him he wants to reverse handing the ranch over. At the Ritter Ranch, Jesse announces hes moving into the bunkhouse, instead of moving and selling. Matt loses his temper while he trie to train the horse, he turns the other way as Pablo laughs. He discovers he told the horse who was boss, and the horse came up behind him and let Matt close to him. In the stables, Kris talks to baby wildfire about Kerry and everything going on. On the whiteboard near the stall it says, "Kris's Baby Wildfire." She adds Juniors name, making it, "Kris and Jr.'s Baby Wildfire". She then decides the name, and adds it, "Kris and Jr.'s Flame". She talks to herself saying, "Who am I kidding, theres no such thing as a prince charming." and erases their names together, leaving only, "Flame" She adds, "And no fairy tale ending," walking away with Wildfire. Junior pulls up and walks into the barn to tell Kris he found a name. He passes by the whiteboard reading, "Flame" and stops. Confusingly, he looks down at the book in his hands. They zoom in on the page, where FLAME is circled in red ink. He scrunches his eyebrows and leans up against the wall thinking. Matt gets on his horse, and Kris and Wildfire meet up with him and Taz and start riding. Gene and Jesse share a laugh, and Junior throws the book in his car, about to leave when he stands and stares at Kris and Matt, he ponders his thoughts, and gets in the car, while Matt and Kris ride happily. It fades slowly to the credits.