Season 3 Episode 1

Fairy Tale Endings

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 01, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • Season three starts off with major heartache that promises a wild ride.

    I didn't see Kerry's move coming, I'll be honest. I knew he was sneaky but to steal away the money from Kris and the farm was really a surprise. What I got in the fight between them was Kris saying "I get my money but Jean's?" It's almost as if Kris expected another man in her life to let her down and might have let Kerry go if it was just her own money taken. But him stealing from Jean and Pablo was the last straw and good that she turned him in for the cops.

    This naturally leads to some major drama for Jean and Pablo handling the farm finances. I was expecting them to address Dennis Weaver's death like this and his inheritance for Matt was a surprise. The introduction of Jesse makes for some interesting developments and I look forward to how he interacts with the family. Dani and Junior continue to grow in rough ways. I loved the bit where Dani accuses her father of wrecking her attempts to claim the horse, he denies it and she has to face the fact that things just didn't work as she planned. Her giving him the money that helped him bail out of trouble is something she'll have to live with and it's perfectly in character that his first move is to take back control in the family. So we get some great new developments for the show as with Kerry gone, the romantic picture gets more muddled than before. Let's hope we're seeing the start of another great season.