Season 3 Episode 1

Fairy Tale Endings

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 01, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • Loved this episode. A great way to start out the new season!!!

    It starts out at a service for Henry. Junior goes and finds Kris and he says to her that they need to talk and then Jean comes and says that they found Kerry. Junior goes with Kris to the hospital and she tells him that she just needs to be alone. Junior goes home and they both want to call each other but dont. Junior comes back to the hospital to warn Kris about Kerry but ignores him and tells him to leave \"us\" alone. Kerry wakes up and tells Kris to go home and take a shower. WHen she gets home, Jean confronts her about an issue with the breeder\'s money. Kris goes back to the hospital and Kerry is getting dressed and was trying to leave. Kris confront Kerry about the money. He tells her that he is having money issues. and he trys to say im sorry and wants a second chance. She says you arent sorry but you will be and as she walks out of the room the police go in. She tells Pablo and Jean she wants to repay them. SHe walks out to the barn and writes Kris & JR\'s Flame. She says there are no such thing as prince charmings except in fairy tales and erases Kris & JR\'s. She hops on Wildfire and Junior pulls up and sees the name of baby wildfire and opens the book and sees they picked the same name. \"FLAME\". He walks out of the barn and sees Kris and Matt ride off on the horses...
    Great Episode!!!! Cant wait til next MOnday!!!