Season 2 Episode 12

For Love or Money

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 2006 on ABC Family

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  • I hate Kerry from this point on.

    This episode was very scandalous & foreshadows how Season 3 is going to be, first Dani finds out about Matt & Gillian, then Kerry sleeps with Gillian, I really thought Kerry was a good guy, never put money in front of love, Kris put love first, and Kerry put money, that's why they weren't meant to be together. Hopefully in the season finale Kerry & Kris will break up cause I'm getting tired of everyone cheating on each other, and finally Belladonna goes in to labor & has a beautiful baby boy horse. Gillian partnering with Dani, that's a bit crazy. And Dani was such a B***! The only part that I liked is that Dani didn't end up getting the Breeders Cup. And Jean still loves Charlie, not a surprise. But a great scandalous episode.
  • It was intresting but I didnt like the way things went.

    Well like every other Wildfire episode I loved it no matter what happened. But there were certain things I disliked during it. First of all:

    I did not like the way Dani cheated during Gillians practice race to see which horse would go. She new about baby Wildfire and it just really ticked me off. Partly because I do not like Dani at all. But still.

    Also because:
    I did not like what Carrie did to give Chris another chance. Hes feeding her all this crap about his feelings for her and stuff then goes and sleeps with Gillian. Some of you may say he did it for her I say he cheated on her.

    over all though it was a good episode and I liked it.
  • A breath of fresh air.. that brings you back!

    A breath of fresh air.. that brings you back! In this episode.. Kris and Dani have a race with their horses for the Breeders.. but when BellaDonna and Wildfire's baby is on its way.. Kris has to stay and take care of it.. and needs help from Junior! Kris tells Junior about her leaving and going to Europe, and he tells her that he sold his half of the Farm! They get a spark back in their relationship.. and Junior realizes what he will be giving up.. the Farm, AND Kris..
  • Chris and Dani are competing for the last spot into the Breeders Cup. Only Chris couldn't make it because Wildfire's baby was being born.

    Dani is getting more like her father every day. She is trying to hold on to what he father almost lost. Everything the Davis' have is being close to being taken away. Dani must lie, cheat, or steal her way into winning the spot to get into the Breeders cup.
  • i loved this episode, although kerry had to riun everything,did i mention i hate kerry......

    i loved this show, dani finds out about matt and gillian, and she has a fit practically, she dosn't tell gillian about chris and the complications with the baby horses' birth. junoir comes to chris rescue once again, i love junoir. They almost kiss and then kerry comes over and riuns it, he riuns everything. And then he goes and sleeps with gillain poor matt and chris. I cant wait untill the season finnaly when junoir tells chris that He loves her and he dosn't want her to go!will she go or will she stay?
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