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ABC Family (ended 2008)

1,000 pounds of carrots to be delivered to ABC Family (Save Wildfire)

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    5-21-08 Tomorrow morning a 1,000 pounds of carrots are going to be delivered to ABC Family in attempt to get them to reconsider their decision to cancel the Wildfire. For a list of things you can do to help save the show you can go to http://www.savewildfire.com/ and click on contacts. The website was just recently updated with new information and new things that you can do to help. You can also donate money at http://www.savewildfire.com/ to buy more things to send to ABC Family. Campaign Message Board Headquarters is at http://www.genevievecortese.com/forum/index.php Visit it to discuss the campaign and help us come up with new ideas to save the show. Everyone is welcome. So far http://www.savewildfire.com/ has sent 500 cast iron horseshoes, 450 pounds of hay in boxes and 1,000 pounds of carrots (that will be delivered tomorrow). For a complete list of things that have been sent out you can visit http://savewildfire.com/index.php?=accomplishments This show is worth saving and deserves to continue. Right now the producers, actors and crew are still in. ABC Family is the only one who wanted the show canceled. The producers are also looking at other networks to air the show. If not ABC Family I hope this show is on some network next year.

    If you ever have a question about the campaign or an idea you can personally email me at Giz25@sbcglobal.net or the staff at http://www.savewildfire.com/ at staff@savewildfire.com

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