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Call, Fax and Email Marathon Sundays

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    Call, Fax, and Email Marathon Sundays

    Help save ABC Family's Wildfire. Every Sunday call, fax, and email Anne Sweeney, Paul Lee and Kate Juergens. They are not in the office on Sundays so call and leave a message at anytime. Then on Monday when they come in they will have hundreds of messages about Wildfire. Say what you want, it can be as long or as short as you want. Just say Save Wildfire, I love Wildfire or you can leave a more personal message it's up to you. If you do not have access to a fax machine that's ok, you can go to http://www.faxzero.com/. At Fax Zero you can send up to two faxes a day, up to three pages for free. You have to use a legit email address because they have to confirm the email before it is sent. Also take them time to send them an email. Kate Juergens is a fan of the show as well.

    Anne Sweeney, Co-Chair, Disney Networks and President

    (81 569 7700

    (81 569-7678 F

    Paul Lee, President of ABC Family

    (81 569 3350

    (81 569-7678 F

    Kate Juergens, Sr. VP Programming and Development
    (81 569-7638 O
    (81 569-7678 F

    Fans from around the world have united in attempt to save our show Wildfire on ABC Family. For a list of things you can do to help save the show you can go to www.SaveWildfire.com and click on campaign. The website was just recently updated with new information and new things that you can do to help. You can also donate money at www.SaveWildfire.com to buy more things to send to ABC Family. Campaign Message Board Headquarters is at http://www.genevievecortese.com/forum/index.php Visit it to discuss the campaign and help us come up with new ideas to save the show. Everyone is welcome. So far www.SaveWildfire.com has sent 500 cast iron horseshoes, 450 pounds of hay in boxes, 1,000 pounds of carrots and 5,000 pounds of straw bales. For a complete list of things that have been sent out you can visit http://savewildfire.com/index.php?=accomplishments If you do not have the money at this time to donate that is ok. There are plenty of things you can do to help and spreading the word about the campaign is great. Visit Campaign message board headquarters, let us know you are with us and help us come up with new ideas. This show is worth saving and deserves to continue. Right now the producers, actors and crew are still in. ABC Family is the only one who wanted the show canceled. The producers are also looking at other networks to air the show. If not ABC Family I hope this show is on some network next year.

    If you ever have a question about the campaign or an idea you can personally email me at Giz25@sbcglobal.net or the staff at www.SaveWildfire.com at staff@savewildfire.com

    Please join the message board it is where we continually discuss the campaign and come up with new ideas. This is the best place to keep current on what is going on.

    Everyone is welcome and free to speak there minds. New ideas and opinions are greatly appreciated. If you ever have a question about the campaign or an idea you can personally email me at Giz25@sbcglobal.net or the staff at www.SaveWildfire.com at staff@savewildfire.com

    You can also become a fan of Wildfire on Facebook. It was created some time ago and has over a thousand members. Recently the Administrator of the application added me as one of the Administrators. So I will be sending out updates about the campaign to Save Wildfire as we go. If you have Facebook please add it.

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