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    I have talked to the producers and they said it is a good idea to contact sponsors to help with the production cost of the show. I have picked six sponsors that I think is a good idea to contact. Four sponsors have sponsored the show in the past and the other two are new. Let the sponsors know how much you love the show and how you have seen their commercials during the show. Say you want the show to continue and hope they will continue to sponsor the show.

    Garnier Fructis

    Neutrogena Corporation
    5760 W 96th St,
    Los Angeles, CA 90045-5544, United States
    Phone Number: 1-(310)- 642-1150

    AT & T

    McDonald's Corporation
    2111 McDonald's Dr
    Oak Brook, IL 60523

    Try to get two NEW sponsors for the show. Tell them you have seen their products featured on the show and would love them to sponsor the show. I added Porsche since Junior has had one since season 1, be sure to tell them that. I also added Rock & Republic Jeans because they have worn them on the show. Be sure to mention these things when contacting these two.

    Porsche Cars North America (Junior's Porsche)
    980 Hammond Drive
    Suite 1000
    Atlanta, Georgia 30328

    Rock & Republic Jeans (worn on the show)

    You can also become a fan of Wildfire on Facebook. It was created some time ago and has over a thousand members. Recently the Administrator of the application added me as one of the Administrators. So I will be sending out updates about the campaign to Save Wildfire as we go. If you have Facebook please add it.

    If you ever have a question about the campaign or an idea you can personally email me at Giz25@sbcglobal.net or the staff at www.SaveWildfire.com at staff@savewildfire.com

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