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Disappointment with rushed ending? Project Save Wildfire Voice Messages

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    Voice your disappointment! Project Save Wildfire Voice Messages.

    Call Right Now! 1-818-569-7700. Phone number is Anne Sweeney's. She head of Disney Cable- She is the boss of abc family president, Paul lee. She can help get Wildfire renewed For a another year! Voice your disappointment over the cancellation!

    Pls Leave Message 'SAVE WILDFIRE for 5th Season' Short and Sweet. Voice your desire to see show continue. Time to rally! SPREAD WORD ALL YOUR FRIENDS

    2nd Person
    Kate Juergens, Senior VP of ABC Family Programming and Development. Email: Kate.Juergens@disney.com
    1-818-569-7638 Office number
    1-818-569-7678 Fax

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