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Genevieve Cortese.com has Moved! Plus Exclusive Video Message and More!

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    [1]Aug 23, 2008
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    Genevieve Cortese.com has moved to Genevieve Cortese Fan.com! http://www.genevievecortesefan.com/

    Please update your bookmarks and help us spread the word! The old domain will be redirecting to the new domain pretty soon, but only for about a week or so.

    Watch an exclusive video message from Genevieve Cortese at http://www.genevievecortesefan.com/

    She is going to be on this season of Supernatural on The CW starting September 18th playing the role of Kristy. She will currently be in 4 to 5 episodes.

    You can also become a fan of hers on Facebook by doing so you can stay up to date on her career and what new series/movies she will be in. Let's show our support for Gen http://www.new.facebook.com/pages/Genevieve-Cortese/21585509510?ref=ts

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    Actually on Supernatural she plays Ruby. Kristy was just the name to hide her from Dean.
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