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    Save a Horse and Wildfire

    I have been emailing with a fan of the show and she had a great idea. She is involved with rescuing horses from being slaughtered. Since our shipments are usually forward to a farm, it would be perfect to help save a horse and then inform The CW, CBS and WBTV about our efforts. It also fits perfect with the show. Kris saved Wildfire from being killed in the first season. She stole him and was sent back to the correction facility for it. Donations are being accepted at http://savewildfire.com/index.php?=donate for this. Every bit helps and is greatly appreciated. You can see our past accomplishments by visiting http://savewildfire.com/index.php?=accomplishments

    How do your donations help rescue a horse from being slaughtered? The explanation below was explained by marygran at the Alex Brown Racing Forum.

    What I can tell you is that it is important to have a good network with the people in the "front lines" so to speak. These are the good folks at the various horse rescues that I work with. They are the ones who know where the auctions are and when to go. Second, I am a member of Alex Brown Racing forum - this is one way that the rescues post that they are going to the auctions and need to "bail" or "ransom" horses. The prices of horses vary, but they generally cost about $500 to bail out. It may be more depending whether or not the horse rescue (where the horse will be going once it is saved) needs additional funds for transportation costs. Then we go to action. Each rescue has a method of payment (usually paypal) but you can also charge your pledge or mail in a check. Of course, the more people who donate money, the less each person has to pay to save that horse. For example, let's say Rescue ABC says, there is this great OTTB (off the track TB) right now at Sugarcreek Auction, and we need $500 to save him. We would then donate any amount of money (no pledge is too small) until the ransom of $500 is paid.

    After a horse is bailed or saved, they usually have a rescue or a private farm to go to. Usually, a rescue will step in and offer to take the horse and keep them there until they can fine a new home and adopted out. Depending on the horse's age, temperament, previous training, or any current injuries or other health issues, the rescue will rehab and/or train the horse in the hope of placing the horse in a home.

    The Alex Brown Racing site http://www.alexbrownracing.com/ works to raise funds for the horse rescues; we will be working with them. You can also visit http://alexbrownracing.com/wiki/index.php/Horse_rescue to learn more about horse rescue.

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