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Season 3 Controversial! Voice your opinion

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    [1]Jun 14, 2008
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    People hate the triangle but aside from that it was pretty good.

    Some good parts:
    Kris sense of family is shaken when its reveal Kerry stole all the money
    Kris and JR rehabiltation of Flames legs
    Jean and Kris mother daughter bond grows cow roping
    Junior bullriding storyline
    RJ Dani Relationship
    Matt inherits half ownership in the farm
    Davis family unite! Ken Heart attack.
    Pablo leaves for Davis Farms
    Raintree money problems came to climax- whole dynamic of the show shifts.
    I loved the finale
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    [2]Jun 16, 2008
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    I didn't like season 3 at all!!!! You make some good points, but honestly when I think back to season 3 the thing that really sticks out to me is the Kris/Matt story (which I hated). I thought season 3 was boring! You know how shows have 'filler' episodes around the holidays? Well this whole season felt like one big long never ending filler episode to me until they got to the finale. The finale was really good and set the stage for everything to be different in season 4. I also liked RJ and Dani's relationship, the Kris/Junior scenes from the first few episodes, and Pablo leaving Raintree (I didn't really like that but it was important). Other then that when I watched the show during that time it felt like I was just sort of half watching. Okay, lol, it felt good to voice my resentment toward the third season.
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