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Talked to Lloyd Segan, Producer of Wildfire

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    I just got off the phone with Lloyd Segan, Producer of Wildfire. He asked me more questions then I got to ask him. I didn't get to ask everything I wanted but he told me to not be a stranger so I will call again in a day or two and try to get more out of him lol

    He said that they are still looking at ABC Family because they still show interest in talking to them about the show. He mentioned a couple networks but he said that they haven't done anything with them and he has to look into it further. He said that since ABC Family got new shows the promotion has been going towards them because ABC Family doesn't have that much money for promotion. One network he did mention was the CW and asked my thoughts about the networks. I told him that I thought Wildfire would be a good pair for One Tree Hill since we share so many fans. He said he didn't hear about our callathon / faxathon thing so I explained it to him. He said Anne Sweeney is one the most important person to talk to and that Kate Juergens likes the show. He said that they do not know when they will be releasing season 3 of Wildfire on dvd. I did not have time to ask about the ratings I think he was driving and talking to me. Half the conversation was him asking about me and where I live and my school ect. ect. so I ran out of time.

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