Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 18, 2005 on ABC Family

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    Another lackluster episode of Wildfire. We again, got a few takeaway scenes but not enough to salvage the episode. We got a very obvious reason why Wildfire isn't doing good on his times, and they fail to reveal until it's become clearly obvious: it's because Kris is tired.

    I think the best thing about the episode was Kris' growing friendship with Todd. They shared some really good scenes tonight. The final scene was definitely the best of the episode what with Raintree getting audited, Wildfire entering a claiming race was the last we'd suspect.

    I'm glad the relationships are at a standstill and they're focusing on family drama for now. Kris coming to Dani's defense was undeserved but entertaining. Matt attempting to put a halt on his gambling wont last for long, but it was interesting enough. The Kris & Matt interactions were actually very good development as well. Fine episode overall.
  • Wildfire's first practice race ends when he veers into his competition and causes an injury. Chris takes a watress job trying to earn enough to pay the horse's medical insurance deductable. The IRS audits Raintree

    With this episode Wildfire passed from a family drama into the realm of soap opera. The whole idea that The IRS is coming to take the family ranch is right out of plot of a grade B fifties film or the plot of a daytime drama err soap opera. Having Chris take a night job to help pay the medical bills and then Junior, Dani and Matt starting a fight and getting her fired is a tired plot device.

    On a related topic, recently there have been suggestions that this series compares to FOX's series The OC. The soapy message is similar and both series have major characters from the wrong side of the tracks but Wildfire lacks two major elements of The OC. Dennis Weaver is no Sandy Cohen and there is no character to compare with Julie Cooper. Further the young women of The OC are much hotter and far more experience that the actresses on Wildfire.

    I Give this episode a 7.0, a grade that reflects potential more than merit.
  • This episode was almost but not really what I expected it to be at all.

    Whn the Ritters are in extreme debt from the government anf Kris gives them her hard earned money to help them pay it off I really enjoyed that part a lot. Wjem Matt gets really deep in his gambing and can't pay it off I wasn'rt really suprised by that at all. ANd how Kris also got a waitressing job in the end.
  • Really enjoyed this episode. Liked the tension between Kris and Matt a lot.

    To sum up this episode, I'd definitely say the best cliche would be "When it rains, it pours." The Ritters are being audited, which they find out right after one of their horses is injured and will need a costly $8,000 surgery. The audit finds that they will need to pay $20,000 for the next few years to pay back taxes to the government.

    Matt doesn't seem to be the nice guy we all thought he was at first. He's getting in deep in gambling, and finds himself strapped when he loses a bet. However, after talking to Kris, he decides to cancel a bet he made after he'd paid back his bookie. Maybe he will be the guy we want him to be after all?

    I really liked the part where Kris decides to give her hard earned cash to the Ritters. It's such a sweet gesture. I'm really glad to see how hard she's working. I'm definitely rooting for her!
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