Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • RJ dies.

    That was ironic. Just when RJ comes back and proves his love for Dani. Dani says I love you back. And everything is in tip top shape. He dies on a bull coincidentally called Heartless. It was chilling when you see RJ getting killed by the bull. The cold opening of this episode was pretty sad too. Matt breaks it off with Gillian revealing that he slept with Kris. Her exit was very dramatic especially when she said goodbye to Junior. And Kris finds out about Kerry's dirty littlesecret with Gillian. In then end. Kris chooses Matt! As they start dating. But they keep it from Junior. Can't wait for the next episode!
  • I loved it!

    I thought this episode was amazingly amazing!! Woah I can't believe Chris just let Junior down for Matt. Honestly I think that Junior is way hotter but you know they both are really hott. I really hope she will go back out with Junior later. Gosh I just can't believe it. That show, it just throws me into it. I wish I was Chris. Two hott guys would like me. I'd be able to ride horses all the time. I would have a horse of my own. I would have fans. It would be so sweet. Seriously this show is getting REALLy intense
  • Dani and Jr lose someone important to them both...

    There is the usual drama with Matt and Kris that eventually ends in Gillian leaving and Jean saying this is a bad idea, but eventually coming around when Matt and Kris make her see that they both really want this. I have to say I found this part of the story slow. That might be because I find Kris and Matt somewhat annoying together...To me this was a B storyline. The real story was RJ's death. He is in town for a rodeo and tells Dani he loves her and that he is going to take some time off to spend with her. It takes Dani a while to tell him (meaning believe him and trust herself) but before he competes, she tells him he loves her, which basically meant there was no way he was getting off that bull alive. Of course, he does manage, but then is gored by the bull and dies. It is actually pretty sad. Dani is crushed, as is Jr. Daddy Davis even offers Dani some comfort. I guess stranger things have happened. Then Jr has to decide whether or not to compete. He decides to do so in honor of RJ. He requests the same bull that killed RJ and he rides him for the required 8 seconds. However, when the bell rings, he stays on for what seems like minutes in tribute to RJ. It is an outstanding scene. I have to say it is scenes like this that remind me why I like Jr so much. I think of all of the characters they have done the best job developing his character. But I guess when you start out with a rich playboy you have alot of room to grow.
  • Matt breaks things off with Gillian. Rj comes back and tells Dani he loves her she says back to him as well. Kris must decide if its right to go with Matt. Both Dani and Junior have to deal with Rjs death. Gillian leaves. Pablo works for Davis farm.

    The episode is a perfect ten. The actors did such a great job. The content of the episode was great as well. It was rather heartbreaking to see RJ die. Many people way think that Dani is a horrible mean person, but I have a soft for her. And it just wasn't fair for her to lose the guy she loved. And the whole Gillian and Matt thing that was rather sad too. I was hoping she would stay so her and Junior can bond over what's to come with Kris and Matt. Pablo working for the Davis was unexpected.
  • Gillian and Matt breakup because he splet with Kris. Kris does not want to tell Junior while she decides if she wants to be with Matt. Junior has a hard time dealing with RJ death and Dani is heartbroken. Pablo leaves the Ritter's and work for Davis's.

    This is the first episode of its kind on Wildfire and it was done very well. the drama of this episode was very engaging to the viewer. the actors were put to a diffrent degree of emotion.
    the love triangle between kris, matt, and junior intenifies. kris seem like she has finally made a decision that she will keep, which everyone wanted to see although most of the fans thought that junior and her would get back together.
    rj death was unexpected which made the esipode plot twist very good because no one has died on the show before. dani's vulnerability is expose as a result of rj death. the writer really allows the viewer to understand her defense within this episode.
    making gillin leave in this episode was not right he should have let her stick around longer and let her and junior relationship develop especially since they are being hurt by the same people.
    pablo leaving to work for the davis is unexpected and will increase the drama which is a good plot twist.