Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 22, 2005 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Wildfire is much improved. The poison is finally out of his system. They bring him to the track to test him out, to see if the poison has had any negative effects on his running. Kris takes him around, and he does very well, running 41:06, only a second off his old time. Jean is thrilled. She also says that the review with Kris' parole officer is going to be held on the coming Friday, so Kris should keep her schedule clear. As they are talking, Pablo gets a phone call. He breaks the news to them… their jockey has quit. Wildfire is in good shape, but now they don't have a jockey for him. Immediately, Kris volunteers. Jean gently tells her that she should first focus on getting her GED, and then they can see from there.

Junior finds that Dani's been using his laptop to look up more information on her mom. She's gotten stuck, since she doesn't have access to Lexis Nexis, a lawyer search tool. She is thinking about finding an attorney, but Junior doesn't want to be part of it. She's disappointed, but tells Junior that her new friend Evan will be happy to help her.

Matt seems mad at Kris, so she presses him. He gives her the photos of her and Junior kissing, and she tells him that it was just a kiss at a party. It's very confusing, why she is so worried about hurting Matt, and telling him the truth. Matt never made a move, but Junior did… and she likes him. But she tells Matt some things that will no doubt come out later, and really mess things up with her and Junior.

Kris blows off Junior, who drives up and asks her if she wants to watch a baseball game on television. Junior and Todd watch the game, and Junior has to explain to little Todd what a "Buckner" is. When Matt goes to get some refreshments, Junior takes the opportunity to go find Kris in her trailer. She's reading "Modern Jockey." She lets Junior in, but doesn't want to talk about the "I love you" slip that happened in last week's episode. He tells her he has a surprise for her later, and ends up taking her to the track to meet Tina Sharp, a famous female jockey. Kris is totally star struck.

Later, Kris comes back to Raintree, and Pablo is furious at her. She missed her chores of feeding the horses, so Pablo had to do it. He ends up forgiving her because he assumes she's been studying for the GRE and preparing for her parole meeting. He knows she's got a lot on her mind.

Evan and Dani are getting closer. Evan visits her ranch, and she shows him one of her horses (with world-class bloodlines of Man 'O War and Secretariat). Evan tells her that it's possible his dad would be willing to take her case, provided he thinks he can win it. Dani is very pleased.

Kris asks Matt to cover her feeding, and Matt also assumes it's for the GRE; however, Kris is actually heading to the track to find more out about Tina. Tina at first tells her that it will be impossible for her to become a jockey since you really need to start out young. She sees how determined Kris is, and tells her about a match race that's going to happen on Friday. Kris is thrilled when Tina suggests she ride in a match race on Friday. Kris knows she has her parole meeting, but seems to want to forget about it. She might skip it, from the looks of things. Junior and Tina talk briefly, and Tina realizes that Junior is very into Kris. She offers to find out how Kris feels about him. She then goes to Kris and tells her that Junior's a great chance—if she likes him, she should totally go for him. Later, Matt shows up at the track, and is pretty pissed off that Kris lied to him. He later tells her she should just be honest with him. He wouldn't have minded.

Grandpa and Todd see that Matt has sold his motorcycle. He lies to them and tells them he sold it for money to fix the truck.

There's a short scene between Junior and Matt where we see that Matt is still really into gambling. Junior warns him and reminds him that he just got out of debt. But Matt's too stubborn to listen.

Wildfire goes 40 flat in his next trial run. Everyone is excited. Jean shows up, and really puts a damper on the happy news. Kris' teacher called her and told her she hasn't been showing up to her GED classes. She also hasn't even scheduled a time to take the test. She's furious at Kris, and calls a meeting with her and Pablo immediately. Jean explains to Kris that this is her chance. She can't throw it all away when they're meeting with the parole officer on Friday. After Kris leaves, Jean tells Pablo she doesn't want to mention the indiscretion to the parole officer. Pablo is reluctant, but comes up with a compromise. He'll take Kris and show her the realities of why she should focus on getting her GED. Jean agrees.

Henry and Todd decide to buy Matt's bike back, since they know what it meant to him. When they agree to buy it, the seller spills how he got it, telling them about Matt's gambling problem and debt. Henry immediately voids the sale and walks out, furious.

Pablo takes Kris to the track, and introduces her to a guy he knew that injured his back and can no longer ride. After they talk to him, Tina spots Kris and it is immediately apparent that there is bad blood between Tina and Pablo. Tina mentions the match race, which infuriates Pablo further, and he reminds her about her parole meeting when Tina is out of earshot. He strictly forbids her to go.

Dani meets with Evan's dad regarding her situation. He warns her that the results may not be pleasant. She realizes this, and tells him she wants to move forward.

Later, Kris apologizes to Matt. She had at first thought he'd turned her in for not going to her GED classes. He tells her not to worry, that the situation will blow over.

Kris ends up calling Junior to ask for his advice. They have a sweet moment together, where Kris tells him that he makes her nervous. She really does like him. They make plans to "hang out" the next day.

Back at the ranch, Jean is working on a glowing evaluation for Kris. Jean leaves, and Henry confronts Matt about his gambling addiction. He tells him to quit immediately, and he has to be the one to tell Jean about it. When Jean comes back out, she can tell something is up, but neither of them tells her what it's about.

At the racetrack, Kris has shown up for the match-race. She gets off to a decent start, but loses a stirrup on the first turn and falls hard onto the track. It looks like she's broken her wrist. She's cradling it, writhing with pain.

Evan and Dani go to meet with Evan's dad, who's left a message for Dani on her voice mail. When they get there, they find one of Dani's father's lawyers. He threatens Evan's dad, telling him they will sue him if he tries to find out what's in their sealed legal records. At first, he wants to fight, but Dani doesn't want to cause trouble for him, so she tells her dad's lawyer they will drop the case.

Kris doesn't make it to the evaluation. The parole officer is really angry, and tells Jean and Pablo it's a very bad sign. Pablo gets a call that Kris is in the hospital. Henry finds Junior at Kris' trailer and tells him the bad news. They go to the hospital to visit her. Pablo is really upset and angry that Kris disobeyed him (what is up with him and Tina? Did they date or something? I really want to know!).

Evan and Dani are together walking, and Evan voices his disappointment in his father not continuing with her case. She says it's okay; she doesn't want to cause more problems for him. Evan opens his coat and pulls out a manila envelope. He's copied the documents for her when his father wasn't around. Dani is ecstatic. (When are these two gonna hook up???)

Matt helps Kris get comfortable in her trailer, and she tells him what a great friend he is. You can see the hurt in his eyes at being called a friend, and he tells her not to tell him that again.

Later, Junior shows up at Kris' trailer. They talk a little, and share a kiss.

Inside, Matt confesses his problem to Jean. She is madder than we've ever seen her before. So hurt and frustrated, remembering the pain she went through with her husband. (Nana Visitor gave an absolute all-star performance.) She tells Matt she can't forgive him because she's heard all the excuses before, and they all turned out to be lies. Matt looks scared and worried, and we close on him begging her forgiveness.