Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 05, 2005 on ABC Family

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  • A bit slow.

    Tina Sharp was definitely annoying in this episode, it was all about publicity with her, well I guess that's what the writers want us to feel. But wow, she was mean. Matt sees her true colors as well, I like the big cliffhanger in the end, well it wasn't really a cliffhanger. But Todd in the hospital cause of a horse, that is crazy weird, looked like that. I am guessing Tina Sharp is a cautionary tale of Kris, what could she become if she were to be a jockey. Besides everything else, this episode was dry & boring. Very weird for Wildfire. Kris meeting the parents was an amazing plot.
  • Tina brings a video crew along and Pablo geta mad. Todd blackmails Matt to give him riding lessons. Charlie comes back and accidently tells Matt that Pete was there Junior invites Kris to dinner and Ken tries to get information out of Kris. Junior tells K

    I loved this episode so much. Especially the Junior and Kris moments but c'mon what Junior and Kris shipper doesn't love the moments! My favorite would have to be at the begginning. I'm sooo sick of Ken Davis and Tina Sharp. I can't wait till the season finale though! It looks so awesome!
  • Ahh. I love love loved this eppisode.

    I loved this eppisode and it really made it clear about what was going on with Kris and Junior. I couldn't even point out one single flaw with the eppisode, except that it brings us closer to the season finale. :(. I am sooo in love witht this eppisode I've been thinking about it all week!!!!!
  • A good episode for setting up the finale

    A pretty cool episode all around as Kris starts to see more of Tina how she really is while Matt is in denial over her true nature. It becomes clear that Matt is just trading one addiction for another and having his old one come calling back will definetly mean trouble for him down the road.

    Once again, I am impressed at how Dani has developed over the season, from a sterotype rich bitch to a character you truly like. The scene of her and her father at dinner was gripping as you can see that Davis honestly has no idea how to deal with her at all. Her repeated requests to tell her about her mother and his refusal to even acknowledge her add up to a major twist coming for next week.
    I think it may be tied in to Davis' warning to Junior, that Kris may be after his money instead of him. I do suspect that when Dani finds her mother, she'll realize her father was trying to do her a favor by keeping them apart which can lead to some major drama.

    Speaking of which, yes, the riding accident was a bit much but it led to the great scene of Jean finding out about Matt and Tina and obviously ready to rail into someone for it. Contrast that with her happiness at Ayre Gross' return (hope he becomes a regular, he and Visitor have a great chemistry) and her scene with Davis and Visitor does a good job here.

    So it all sets up for next week's finale, the big race showdown and I hope this is only the start of a long ride for Wildfire.
  • Had the feeling of a filler... probably my least favorite episode of WF to date.

    For some reason, I just couldn't get into this episode. It was so... blah. That's a good word for it. I was annoyed by the dinner at the Davis household. It seemed so forced. And I don't think that Ken Davis would have left how he did. That's definitely a Dani move, but Ken would be too embarassed to pull a teenager move like that! Didn't seem true to his character. The Todd thing was the worst. That kid is WAY too smart to get on a racehorse the way he did. He knows as well as anyone from growing up on a ranch that there's a difference between a riding horse and a race horse... And the fall... I had a big problem with that. First off, it looked fake. Second, he fell right into the soft dirt on the track, at a stand still, when Wildfire reared up. I have fallen from a horse in a very similar manner, and it doesn't hurt one bit when you fall into soft dirt like that. Not to mention, Todd is a kid, so he doesn't weigh too much. They should have made Wildfire take off or something. It wasn't believeable at all.
  • Wow...a great episode that really has me really looking forward to the season finale. There was a lot of movement in this episode and a lotta questions that need to be answered.

    Kris and Jr really look like a couple in love and we learn the depth of his feelings for her but what about her true feelings for him? Did Dani really find her mother? Did Matt return to gambling? What really went on with Tina and Pablo? What's Mr. Davis going to do to win? Then we're left with a final scene of uncertainty as Todd lies in a hopsital bed. Wow..hopefully the season finale answers these questions. I really enjoyed this episode and felt that every scene had me intriged in one way or another. A perfect 10.
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