Season 3 Episode 6

Kiss, Kiss

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • Ken has a heart attack.

    It's cliffhanger after cliffhanger in this season. The fact that Ken got a heart attack was totally unexpected. Dani & RJ break up but soon after try to get back together and now Dani isn't going to give up. One of the other cliffhangers. Before the heart attack. Junior is leaving for six months. I love how throughout the episode, they try to fix Flame. Ken sells him anyway. But to Gillian! Kris is very generous. She finds out Flame's leg is getting better. She kisses Junior. When she finds out Flame is coming home. She kisses Matt. I hope Kris chooses Matt. The other kiss was better with Matt. But Gillian & Matt are moving in together unfortunately. A great cliffhanger.
  • One word.... WOW... haha. what a great episode!!!

    Great episode... Junior, Kris, and Matt are trying to heal Flames leg so Ken doesnt sell him. After 2 weeks for working with him. There are great results. Then Kris and Junior tell Ken the good news and Ken still makes Junior to choose between Flame and the rodeo... he picks Flame.. but Kris says to and tells him to go for his dream and she wants to see Flame with someone who loves him as much as they do. Flame was sole to... Gillian. KRis kisses Junior and says thank you and goodbye. Kris also kisses Matt b/c she got excited b/c Gillian bought Flame. RJ and Dani break up. Dani and Junior are packing for Kansas. junior for the rodeo, Dani to win back RJ. Then Ken has a heart attack while trying to get them to stay. Cant wait til next week!!!