Season 4 Episode 8

Life's Too Short

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 10, 2008 on ABC Family

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  • Wildfire Season 4

    When will they put Wildfire Season 4 on DVD. its been awhile since the lasts time season 3 came out
  • Finally! The episode where Junior and Kris get together. I was so excited to watch it!

    I was so happy to finally see Kris and Junior get back together again! When I first started watching the show I never thought Junior and Kris would make a serious couple. I didn't doubt they would date at some point, but I always thought the real relationship was between her and Matt, but then when Junior and Kris did get together I saw how wrong I was. Seeing Kris break up with Junior at the end of the first season was heartbreaking and ever since then I have just been waiting for them to get back together. This was a great episode because what is meant to be is finally happening. It has the happy ending that we the viewers have been waiting for since the end of season one.
  • After Kris doesn't receive her Jockeys License she feels in the pits. Jean asks Kris to move back in and feels it will help the family. JR thinks that this is ruining his chances with Kris but Pablo helps him see the light. JR proposes and they elope.

    This episode I thought was a great way to go while the show takes a break. Jean asks Kris to move back in because she thinks it is the right thing to do one because the miss each other. Two because the family is going through a tough time and Jean thinks it will bring them closer together. While Matt is ecstatic about it, (we all know the feeling he has for Kris) Junior thinks it is ruining his chances to get back together with Kris. We know why he canceled his wedding and what he feels, and do does Kris, or does she? Junior goes and voices his feelings to Pablo who after all is like a father to Kris, always enforcing discipline, looking out for her best interest. (Anybody remember the Tina Sharp ere?) After advice from Pablo Junior goes and Proposes to Kris and for all of us Krunior fans she said yes!! Yay! ( Kris & Matt fans hold your harsh comments) They go away together and 'elope'. While in the 'Final Run' they are going to do it the formal way which is great. Now what about Kris moving back in? Well, she realizes that she can't have Junior and Raintree so she picks Junior Now is this a good or bad choice? To find out you need to analyze the 'Final Run' preview. Which I did of course. 1) Kris says that there relationship (Kruniors) upsets everyone. 2) She says (to Junior) "It's been you from the very beggining" 3) Junior just wants I quote to "Get away" 4) We see the wedding. So what leads up to that? We don't know, do they break up and get back together. Does Matt get in the way? Probably since he's been doing A LOT of that lately. Do they call off the wedding then re-kindle their feelings for each other? Nobody knows. All we know is that they live happily ever after! Comment if you have anything to say or agree or just want to chat!