Season 1 Episode 6

Lost & Found

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 01, 2005 on ABC Family

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  • Secrets revealed...

    This episode introduces Pete, Matt's dad. That was definitely unexpected especially for Charlie. I'm glad to see Charlie go on a trip at the end, I hope I don't see him for a while, not a long while. Anyways back to the main plot. Everyone dishes out. Basically Dani was the only important secret since the plot continues in the season. Dani trying to find her mom. I like how everyone bonded in this episode, dancing, talking, even some kissing between Junior & Kris. I guess that's going to be the relationship for season one. Oh well. The end was pretty upsetting. A horse dying!? That is just sad to see. Anyways amazing episode in my opinion. Great!
  • This episode of WIldfire , was not all that I thought and hoped it would be.

    When i saw the preveiws i thought that this was goingt o ba an awesome episode that revealed quite a bit of secrets and some new insight into all of the characters. But the only real secret that we heard was that Dani tried to find her mother and she didn't tell Junior. That gave us new insight into Dani and kind of Junior but that was it. Kris told a little something , but we already new about her mother and how she was never really there. Matt didn't tell anything exept her shared his music and that we already new and so did Kris. I enjoyed this episode , but i ahev to say , I was dissapointed that they made it sound like a reavealing and i kind of wasn't. The ending was touching and I ahve to say that was my favorite part of it. I thought it was almost tearjerking when Hudini died and we knew that Wildfire was there. I thought we got more insight on Jean than any of the ritter in this episode. When her ex-husband came back i didn't know what was goignt o happen. But when he gave her the 10,000$ check that was nice and now she won't have to worry much about the IRS and her taxes Debt. Overall , i was dissapouinted , but liked the episode and how it turned out.
  • In Lost & Found, we get lots of character development, mostly on Jean's side, but also a bit on Junior and Dani. Jam-packed with emotion when Jean's beloved horse Houdini passes away.

    In one sentence, I loved this episode. It had a little bit of a "filler" feel, but I still enjoyed it. All the emotions and love that Jean had for Houdini were really powerful. When the gang (Matt, Kris, Junior, and Dani) went hunting for the escaped horses, and finally came upon Houdini, laying down on the ground, Dani uttered the line, "Wildfire was with him. So it was safe for him to die." Wow... that totally did me in! I hadn't really given much credit to Dani's character because usually she's so shallow. What a powerful line. I also really loved Jean's speech at the end, where she said, "Goodbye my dear friend." Very touching episode, great writing (for the most part -- Junior had some extremely cheesy lines... but I forgive him because he was cute in that black cowboy hat!).
  • A touching episode.

    I felt that this was a well written episode.

    I mean they did a great job with it. I love how they all were getting along in this episode.

    When matt and Kris were alone with each other for a while getting wood, I thought they were gonna kiss. However, they did not and I was so happy.

    I even enjoyed Kris and Dani getting along though I wonder will it last in the coming episodes? I think they would make great friends

    Also when they were dancing to Mattr's music I was laughing so hard. It was so funny and cute. Especially, I was laughing at Jumior the most with his crazy dancing.

    Being that I'm a big Kris/Junior fan I was very happy with theur scene. I loved everything Junior said to her. His secert was aout seeing her. It was so sweet! Also, the kiss was rocking. I love how Junior doesn't try to push her.

    Also, I have to say this Matt and Todd's father is hot. Though I'm on Jean's side. I don't think she should let Pete back into their lives. Hopefully if he does comeback he really is changed. But who knows.

    My eyes were so teary at the end. When Jean was crying over Hounidi(SP), it was so touching. I really felt for her. The words that she said to to him were perfect.

    All and all this was an amazing episode. It was fun and serious in so many ways. i really enjoyed it and previews for next weeks looks awesome.

    Questions lurk in my mind. How come we have not seen Henry and Todd the past few episodes?

    Anyway until next week which looks intresting to say the least.
  • wildfire and someother horses go missing causing kris and matt to go look for them, junior and dani join them and secrets are revealed and romance begins to heat up. jean's ex comes back at a bad time. and in the end one of the horses doesn't survive.

    this was a great episode!!!

    i like how when junior found out that kris was going with matt to look for the horses, junior automatically said he would help. also when he was talking to her under th stars he seemed so genuine with the whole i see you speech. he so sweet and he seems to understand kris. i think that in every episode junior and matt switch there images, in the beginning matt was the good guy and junior was the bad boy or at least it seemed, but now juniors the good guy and matt is the bad boy with his gambling issues.

    im glad that in the last couple of episode dani and kris seem to be getting along, i think in the end kris and dani are gonna be good friends.

    jeans ex came back at a bad time, he started minipulating the jeans new boyfriend into liking hime and it worked.

    i was so said when huddini died. i was crying so bad when jean was talking to the dead horse, it was so sad. i liked how at the very end of the show it showed huddini on his hind legs.
  • A very good episode. Great story line!!

    I loved this episode! It was a great storyline, with Dani & Kris getting along, all of them dancing, and especially Kris with her relations with both Matt and Junior.

    The sequence with Junior & Kris was my favorite. Where he talked about him watching her and seeing her! I thought that was sooo romantic!

    It was also a very funny scene where they were all dancing to Matt's songs that he made. It was a bringing together time for them that I thought was great!

    I also love how Dani and kris were getting along. It was kind of nice to not see them at each others' necks.

    Also the end with Hudini was very touching! GREAT EPISODE!!!
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