Season 3 Episode 5

Love vs. Work

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 29, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • Tina Sharp returns.

    An amazing episode in my opinion! There was so many plots! Gillian and Matt still planning to move in together. Tina Sharp returning. And the huge cliffhanger, that could lead to numerous plots. When Tina asks for any favor from Kris, she will have to give it to Tina. No questions asked. I wonder how this season will unravel. Wildfire gets scratched from the race. Avatar wins though. So I guess that is a plus. I like how RJ sort of breaks Dani down, she is definitely less stressed. And hardly works when she is with him. Well toward the end, she is. The season's high point.
  • A welcome return from an old rival livens up the drama.

    I like Amy Jo Johnson and simply love what she does with Tina. Even when she's so conniving and sneaky, you can't help but laugh at the way she does. I loved the beginning as she acts like she and Kris are still friends as if nothing happened. Her "tantrum" was expertly done and we all know the favor she wants from Kris is gonna be huge...which makes the plot so nice.

    I also liked how her arrival led to them scratching Wildfire and Kris and Matt arguing about it. I loved the bit where he asked her when she turned into Tina and you can see Kris really thrown by the accusation before firing back at him. The Dani/RJ romance is unique to see. It's fun seeing Dani the one handling a whirlwind romance with someone she usually looks down on. I'm sure it'll end badly but the way it's developing makes it fun. I don't know...this whole "who will she choose" thing is getting a little heavy-handed so I'm really hoping something can shake it up for Kris to make the choice easier. Still, the series is keeping up on its high mark this season and can hopefully go on.