Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 12, 2005 on ABC Family

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  • Kris & Junior break up!

    This episode was really great! The season finale opens up the whole second season, Junior runs away, Matt gets sucked in to gambling but Pete pulls him out but this time he is here to stay.Kris & Junior break up, the most heartbreaking breakups in TV history, seriously I could not bare the pain. I really hate Tina, she is such a ho, betraying the Ritters, Junior as well. Anyways Dani find her "mother" was great. I love it whens she gets drunk in the end, sort of leaves a cliffhanger in for herself. I got so mad when it was to be continued. I want more!
  • The season finale of Wildfire was amazing.. I would've given it a perfect 10, but the only bad part was when Junior and Kris broke up! But overall, a fantastic episode!

    This season had my on my toes the whole time, and watching it come to an end with this finale was both horrible and amazing at the same exact time. I hated to see the show go and make me wait for the next season, but it was also one of the best finales I've ever seen in the history of ABC family... heck, in the history of all tv! I love the plot on this show and I love all the characters and the twists and turns that they bring to this breath-taking drama. I can't wait to see what's in store for Wildfire!
  • In this episode, Kris finally gets the opportunity to ride Wildfire in a race. Todd also comes back from the hospital.Tina also breaks up with Matt, kissing him on the cheek ending with "Your cute." Matt's gambling also goes way out of control, and his da

    I really liked this episode. It was kind of sad to see the look on Matt's face when Tina broke up with him. Later in the episode Kris also breaks up with Junior when she discovers he stole Raintree's star Jockey, Tina Sharp. It was a pretty sad sene between the two, but now I hope Kris and Matt get together. Towards the end Kris finally gets to ride Wildfire in a real race, and they end the season just as the race starts. A huge cliff hanger. Oh, and you also find out that Dani and Junior are only really half brother and sister, and Dani's quest for her real mother will probably continue in season 2. So, overall, this episode was great! Although I was kind of dissapointed that they left you hanging like that at the end. But I still cannot wait for the next season of Wildfire!
  • This episode, was one of the best in the season as far as giving information wise.

    I thought that they did a fabulous job ending the episode before the race, it was the real clifhanger, as far as Kris and Junior go, i think it will last, if she wins this race, she willl become extremly rich, and there will be no problem. With Dani and her mother, i wonder if she will ever really know who her real mom is, she had to be around some of the time, unless he is adopted, but i think it will still be really good.
  • Kris and jr are getting serious sleeping together. Matt and tina done. Pete comes and saves Matt and pays him off. Pete wants jean back. Tina rides for davis. Jr and dani not real bro and sis. Jr leaves home and kris gets to ride.

    This is the reason i like this show. Usually the last episode is rushed, but it didn't feel rushed. Of course it is a "to be continued" thing. But all in all it was an awsome episode. It's cool that Kris and Jr moved up a level in their relationship. Loved the inside out backwards t- shirt. The best part was when she told him she loved him. It was a "aw" moment followed by a sad "we can't do this". Finally someone put Matt in his place. Then there is the big race coming up. Jean and Pablo decide on Kris. She gets her chance and as the gates open to start the race a big fat ....To Be Continued....
  • Everything comes to a head as the first season ends. Relationships are made and broken, ex-es reenter the picture, and everyone's dirty laundry is being hung out to dry.

    This episode had so much going on with it, and it was amazing. The amount of content made it a season finale worth waiting for. There were quite a few things I enjoyed about this episode. 1) I finally was convinced that Kris really cared for Junior. Up until recently I wasn't sure if she really wanted to be with him or not. 2) Matt's character and Dani's characters have both changed so much this season that while they seemed incompatible at the beginning of the season, a relationship between the two of them now makes sense. 3) Kris' and Junior's breakup scene was incredibly real. Kris was in a rock and a hard place with her relationship. She wanted to be with Junior but she realized she was coming in between him and his family. While many shows might have them run away to get married, this episode dealt with it in a real way. 4) I loved that they ended on a cliffhanger. The fact that there was a cliffhanger is so reminiscent of so many great season finales of the past. The idea of the finale is that it should hook you and get you to tune back in the following season. This episode definitely accomplished that.

    All in all, those are my thoughts on the episode. I'm excited for the next season and hope that it won't air until next summer. This show would make no sense in the context of people attending high school. That's just my opinion at least.
  • Truly enjoyed this season finale. I feel like a fish caught on a hook, cuz Wildfire really has reeled me in! Can't wait for season two!

    Loved this episode... It was much better than last week. Though I am not sure still why Todd is so frail and wasn't allowed to ride horses, I am glad to see he's up and around. I'm seriously glad that Matt has finally been confronted by his family (and his MIA pop) about his gambling problem. I am just worried for Kris and Junior. I'm very upset about how Ken roped Junior in and got him the blame so that all the Ritters and Kris won't speak to him. Did not like the fact that the episode ended on a cliff-hanger, but what will you do? At least we know that we'll get resolution in season two! Can't wait for it!
  • Tina Sharp was trouble with a capital T.

    I knew Tina Sharp was going to be trouble. Just her attitude and her I-am-the-most-important-person outlook. I liked seeing Charlie again. I think he and Jean make a great match. As far as Ken Davis is concerned...anyone want to help me push him off a cliff? I really believe that Jr. loves Kris...who wouldn't? She has come so far since coming to Raintree. In regards to Dani, I'm lost there, as Isabella isn't her mother. Can't wait to see where THAT leads. I'm hoping Matt decides to put his smarts to something more useful in life. And I wouldn't mind seeing him and Dani get back together. Overall, the season finale had what I would expect: a heart-stopping cliffhanger, angst, chaos, liars, ex husbands, new lovers, etc. Can't wait for season 2.
  • tina finally shows her evil side when she leaves raintree and agrees to ride for the davis'. junior was the person who recruited her. he blows up at his dad, but kris isn't willing to forgive him. she tells him in the end that she can't see him anymore.

    the episode moved kind of slowly in the beginning, but in the end it all came together. it was annoying that the plot line was left hanging. pretty realistic how tina treated matt, and it was good that he finally was punished and hopefully pushed in the right direction for once. the last fifteen minutes definitely kept me on the edge of my sofa. there are many new conflicts that are going to appear in the second season.
  • kriss and jr hook up but kriss breaks up with him after he offerd tina to come ride with the davises.matt and tina are over.todd gets back from the hospital.

    Ausome ending i couldnt believe it!!!!Season 2 is going to be off the charts!I almost cried when kriss broke up with junior. he looked really heart-broken.Matt got played big time, and still gambles...bad.jean calls matts dad after he gets his butt kicked by bobby and a couple of his friends.

  • This was the best episode of the season by far.

    Wildfire's season 1 finale was an excellent episode, and definately the best episode of the show so far.

    I couldn't believe that Tina would jump ship and race for Davis Farms. How could she do that? And how chould she go and credit Junior for that move. Junior didn't do anything except relay his father's message.

    I was totally shocked when Pete Ritter returned to bail out Matt when he needed help. And it was weird how Pete and Charlie agreed on everything, except on Jean. The only thing about it I don't understand is when did Todd learn that his father was back. When we see them together watching the race it was as if Pete had been there the entire time.

    I don't understand it, why did Kris dump Junior. He's a great guy. I just hope we don't see her together with Matt now.

    I so totally hate cliffhangers. I'm glad I taped this episode, because if they don't show repeats of it, then I'll need to watch it again right before the season premiere. I just hope we don't have to wait until next summer for the new season. I just don't understand why cable networks have their shows on 13 episode seasons twice a year.
  • Its finally all coming together...or falling apart depending how you look at it. Tina leaves raintree to ride for the competition, Jr and Kris' relationship is growing but comes to a halt, Matt may have given up gambling for good, and Dani learns the uns

    This episode kept me on my toes the entire time. I thought the acting was great from EVERYONE in the cast, it was a very emotional episode and done very well. I kind of expected that Jr and Dani had different mothers and now Im intersted to see what part Isabelle will play in Jr's life, and how Dani is going to go about finding her mother. I loved the scenes with Jr and Kris, and thought these scenes (even the breakup) exemplified how much they really care for one another. Kris seemed really heartbroken when she told Jr she couldnt see him anymore and Jr was just at a loss. I hate the fact that they broke up and am hoping they get back together next season. I also loved the scene with Dani and Matt...whats going on with those two? Im not sure if they both just needed some comfort and went back to an old friend or if their feelings run deeper. I also am (of course) rooting for Kris to win Sandpiper and think her winning is going to open up a lot of new story lines, as is the reappearance of Pete, and Jr's leaving. A great season finale...I hate cliffhangers-and this one definetley left me in anticipation for whats going to happen next season.
  • One hundinger of a finale that sets up slews of potential for next season.

    First, yes, I am a tad annoyed that they left off with the cliffhanger of the race. However, that's a minor quibble in an otherwise great epsiode.

    The very structure of it was excellent such as the scene of Kris and Junior getting together while Matt and Tina broke up. Jean was also great with her fear of Matt which led to the great scene of his dad returning to give the ultimate example of "tough love." You could see that deep down, it hurt but he knew it had to be done. Perhaps if someone had given him that lesson, his family would still be together.

    And then we get to Dani. I knew it wasn't going to be happy when she met her mother but I wasn't quite expecting this. After all this time, she finds out that she's not her mother and for that matter, Junior is only her half-brother. I do look forward to when she confronts her father about the truth and hope her drinking doesn't become too much of a habit.

    So much drama here and it sets up even more for next season. This show has become so much better than it first started and I look forward to when they return to give us even more of a wild ride.
  • Tina and Matt are over. Junior and Kris\' relationship elevates to making love and then Kris ends it because Junior makes that offer to Tina. Tina rides Avatar and Kris rides Wildfire. Dani meets Isabella and she is only Junior is mom. Matt owes 18 Grand

    I loved loved loved this episode. Especially the Junior and Kris scenes. I\'m sooo upset that they are over. I wish they would have just stayed together. I reallly reallly can\'t wait til next season and I\'m going to go crazy if this year doesn\'t go by fast. Now Mondays won\'t be the same for 7 months.