Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 11, 2005 on ABC Family

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    Not as good as the last episode for sure. This episode did provide some background for all the characters though. Kris' mom comes to town and wants to take Kris back home. Anyway, this goes back and forth until Kris' mom finally leaves and attempts to clean up.

    The final scenes weren't as heart-wrenching as this show probably intended them to be. Matt's reasoning just didn't make any sense in taking the ring. It would have been a little more interesting if he hocked the ring, which is what I predicted, but I was let down in that aspect.

    Meanwhile Kris, Pablo, and Todd try to get Wildfire used to the starting gate, they eventually do. But this was unfortunately drawn out for too long and it became a hit-and-miss by the end. Dani's scenes were pretty boring and pointless. I really think she put a damper on this episode. Regardless, we did get some takeaway scenes but this isn't the show at it's best by any means.
  • OK.

    I really didn’t like this episode, I mean through out it I was all worried and upset thinking what if Chris leaves, Ill have to quit watching it! Omg what if I have to quit watching it?!. Anyway I didn’t really like her mother either, I mean Chris came from Jail shes working earning her own living and her mothers treating her like a child, it just bothered me I don’t know why, another reason I didn’t like her was because she was blaming Chris for the Ring incident, Well anyway one thing I liked was in the end. . . CHRIS DIDN’T LEAVE! Yay.
  • Hey all! This show isent really all that good like most people say it is. I mean it\'s good and all but it still doesn\'t beat out any other TV show that\'s on ABC. This episode was my least favorite becasue it just rermindind me of school for some odd.

    My review for this episode is it kind bites! I mean it\'s good but It made me loose attion for the next epiode. I would rate this episode a 5 becasue it wasent as appelling to me. I really, really loved the piolt episode! The whole 2 hour season premier was a good way to hook on viers. But then I watched this episode of Wild Fire and it DETRACTRED me. SORRY to anyone that disagrees with me here. It just wasen\'t that great as I thought it would. Im not gonna lie, it looked so AWESOME on the preview.
  • Kris' mom comes back, wanting to bring her back home with her, claiming she turned over a new leaf.

    This episode was quite good. Jean is considering selling items that came from the family history, including her engagement ring.

    Kris' mom comes back, wanting to bring her back home with her, claiming she turned over a new leaf. Saying she didn't do drugs anymore -- saying she's been clean for six months.

    Suddenly Jean's ring gets lifted and no one knows who took it (except the person who took it). Kris immediately blames her mom, but her mom seems to not know anything about it. She even said "diamond ring," when Jean didn't say it was a diamond ring. Everything is leaning on the fact that she took it.

    By the end of the episode, though Kris' mom has the parole board's blessing to bring her daughter home with her, Kris doesn't want to go. Which I thought was a good thing. I mean, you have to realize that people choose to do things on their own. If Kris' mom needed Kris to turn clean... No way. No way. People do that themselves.

    It turned out that Matt took the ring, and didn't want his mom to know. He tells Kris and Kris takes a ride with Junior to the bus station (or was it a train station) to say her last goodbyes and to apologize.

    I must say, I'm beginning to like Junior a little bit more with every episode.

    Good episode.
  • Addiction, Forgiveness, and Faith. Amazing episode!

    You know, I've been on the fence about this show.
    I mean it tugs at the heartstrings...but wasn't sure if I was a "fan". After tonight's episode, I'm addicted.lol.The relationships with Kris&Mom was wonderfully portrayed, and seeing the idea of the aftermaths of addictions. Love Kris/Jr! They had awesome scenes especially towards the end. I know it's too soon to say but I'd love to see them together more often! They're great!
  • Exciting, and quite reavealing.. in more than one way!

    Here is an overview of the episode:


    Kris' mom stops by for a visit, and then later tells Kris that she petitioned the parole board and wants Kris to come home. Jean notices that someone stole her engagement ring, but near the end of the episode Matt confesses to it. Kris originally thought it was her mother, since she hadn't cleaned up like she said she did (she had pills hidden in a deoderant case). Wildfire is scared of going through the gates at the racetrack, but not at the farms local track, Henry and Todd later figure out that it was because the scenery was different, so they brought a goat from the farm over to the racetrack and got him to go in it. Matt has been betting to try and get money. He comes back to the mans house whom he puts his bets with (he had a party earlier that day), and finds Dani there, who happens to be missing a top! Kris' mom eventually leaves, but Kris catches her at the last moment to exchange a few last words.

    ****end of spoilers

    This episode was not only exciting! But quite revealing! Kris' mom wanted to take her back, but Kris was ultimatley torn up because her mom didn't actually change. Hopefully she does in the end.. I'm surprised at this episode though, DEFINATLEY runs away from the whole 'family' idea... but it's not bad! It is being adventurous, I don't think I have ever seen an ABC Family show that has shown that much boob. The beginning started off quite strong too, with language such as 'slutty' and 'biatch' (which is probably why it earned itself a viewer discression for younger watchers this episode) :D If the show is going to get more adventurous and daring with it's language and plot, I say go for it! It will just make this a hotter show when it nears the last episode, and hopefully the last episode won't be in the first season :)
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