Season 3 Episode 3

Moving On

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • Gillian tries to sell back her shares.

    This episode was pretty good. Wasn't as good as the last but still good. New character alert! RJ! "Are you done yet?" I love how he sort of trains Junior into bull riding. I like in the beginning when Kris rides the bull. She really showed who's boss. Kris & Matt teaming up to push Wildfire worked! Wildfire will be ready to race in a few episodes. The process to get there was tough though. Gillian has a main plot, as she tries to sell back her shares to Dani, for Flame. She ends up selling them to another ranch, which turns out to be Dani's father. The Davis's are very smart indeed. And Junior made eight seconds by the end! How nice.
  • This show has instantly become one of my favorites.

    I love this show. Even though i thought that if it was on ABC family it was going to be a kids show and it would not be interesting, i happened to turn it on one night and fell in love with it! I love how attached Kris is to Wildfire. I also like that Junior is trying to do something for himself by riding bulls. Even though it is kind of crazy, he still thinks it is his passion. I really hope that Kris and Junior get together because i think they would be so cute together and after everything they have been through together, i think they would be good for each other. I hope Matt and Genevieve stay together because i like them together. She also slept with Kerry in the season finale last year so i don't know whether or not he will ever find out about that. If he does they will definetly break up and he will go off running to Kris.
  • This episode was very good!!! Junior starts bull riding. Dani and Ken laugh at him in his clown outfit. Kris and Jean get into an agruement.

    Kris is mad at Jean and Pablo b/c they dont believe her that Wildfire is ready to race again. So she convinced Matt the have a practice race against another horse. and Pable and Jean see her and tell her she isnt going to ride Wildfire until further notice and that makes KRis even more upset. Junior is bullriding now and RJ told him to try it for real and Junior does so. He isnt so good but he gets this feeling when he is on it that he never felt before. and RJ sees it in him and says he will teach him. The first day he has to be a clown in the ring and then from then on he practices on the bull. Kris confronts hima nd says i hope youre not doing this b/c of us. Junior says im not, its for me. Then there is an awkward moment and junior gets up to leave Kris stops him and pauses and tells him to be careful. Jean finally gives in to Kris and let her ride Wildfire and he does great. Matt takes KRis to see Junior first competition. And he does Great!! Also Gillian sells her part of Davis Farms, Dani finds out it was her father who bought it. And she isnt to happy. Great Episode!!! Cant wait til Next Weeks!!!