Season 2 Episode 6

Nothing Takes the Past Away Like the Future

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 06, 2006 on ABC Family

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  • What has Pablo gotten himself into?

    This episode was so okay, probably cause I don't really like the Pablo story lines, but finally he gets a main plot. I like how Kris does some research and you can see that Matt & Kris are getting closer foreshadowing future romance. Isabelle is such a b***! And Rebecca meets Dani trying to impress her, they have one thing in common, they both hate Isabelle & I agree, how can she just leave her son for money, that is the lowest thing a mother can do, Matt had every right to be mad at Pablo & he has every right to work for Dani, oh and the moment we have all been waiting for, Pete & Jean finally sleep together, but Jean says it was a mistake unfortunately. Great plots!
  • Interesting... I wonder where they're going with Pablo!

    Not my favorite episode, and I can't stand Junior's new gal. He's moving on too fast; we all know he's still in love with Kris. The new info with Pablo and the baddies from his past is really shocking. I never would have thought he'd be involved with guys like that. I'm glad that Matt noticed the problem with the horse, but I wish Pablo had explained to him beforehand how bad the guys were. Now Matt's so angry he decides to leave Raintree. So many things happen when we're not honest with our closest friends; this episode is proof of that. Keeping my fingers crossed that Junior reconciles with Kris, AND with his Dad. I'm so annoyed by Isabelle.
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